Saturday, July 14, 2007

garage sale: going, going, almost gone

(only 1/4 of the total "junk" ~ discounts galore)
Final garage sale on Sunday 9 am - 2 pm (went to Saturday Eve church :) to help with a final day of selling and then clean up from the sale. We could use help with the boxing up of unsold items for give away Sunday afternoon. If you have 1 or 2 hours available, there will also be a final touch up and cleaning Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before the house gets listed. Reply to or give us a call.

There are still loads of homeschooling books, kids and educational books, garden tools, college age and adult clothing, adult shoes, still loads of household items, small kitchen items, linens and picture frames, golf clubs, sporting items, old records, a very used Foosball table [more than 1 headless player-LOL], POGS or Milk Caps, electrical & plumbing parts, it goes on.

We were finally able to attend "our own" Elgin church campus of Harvest Bible Chapel tonight. Pastor Stowell's continued his message on "Thinking right about God's capacity!" Our family was mentioned. The upload is at 3 pm Sunday.

Dan's last week was not so good. He had severe stomach pains on and off because of high calcium levels, slept alot, had a restless night, got light headed when trying to sitting up in bed, and just felt lethargic over all. He finally make it in his wheelchair on Friday, but got light headed after only 8 minutes and had to be quickly put back in bed. [He's blacked out when this has happened in the past] A big problem is his lack of appetite. He has eaten only very small amounts. No meat or protein or "Happy Meals". It feels like a repeat of his "no eat April" all over again.

Thanks as always for your prayers. Love you all.


Jane-Jane said...

Dan, Happy Meals are so goooood! I pray that you will regain your desire to eat, today would be GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you, Dan and family! I haven't been on the computer for a couple days (and thus haven't been able to check the blog as often as usual) but that just renewed my desire to pray more-- about everything, not knowing what your specific needs were!

So much love in Christ!

Amy said...

Thinking and praying for you all from Mexico...

Anonymous said...

So who let the crazy lady in whit the red "hat " thing on her head??? I hate that I wasn't able to come up for the 4th and such but am glad that I missed "extreeme makeover home edition" HA! I will continue to petition Christ on your behalf dan and think about you all the time. While in Karla's room the other day she asked me if we wanted to play dress up and I was like "um how old are we" right then I had a flash back to a time when we all played fashion show or something in your guys' basement and told the younger kids they did perfect on their scores while holding up zero's. Any way all this rambling is just ment to say that I miss you all up there and continue to remember yo all in prayer.
love ya lots,

Amanda Martin said...

Dear Knudsen family,

My father was on vacation this week, so we didn't attend our normal church and decided instead to go to Harvest in Rolling Meadows! What a JOY that was! My heart was flooded with warm thoughts of the Knudsen family when Pastor Stowell showed your picture and spoke of your unshakable faith. I agree wholeheartedly that the way you as a family keep looking up is inspiring. Praying for you often.

~Amanda Martin