Monday, July 16, 2007

Slow Going

Dan actually ate almost a whole BLT for lunch and a salad for dinner. He slept a lot Sunday, but was so refreshed when he woke up. He watched the CUBS game [GO CUBS] and then the ESPY awards. He also "participated" in the weekend house clean-out by sorting through his clothes. (We brought to RIC a suitcase full of his clothes and he had to decide "keep" or "give away." -- it took me 3 times of bringing clothes to get through all of his ... college kids!!!)

It is slower going than we thought it would be for him to be sitting upright again, but it's coming, although he has only been sitting up in his bed. Now that this pressure sore is taken care of and his staples are soon to be removed, he is finally ready to begin square one of a much-needed 2-or-so month rehab, and REALLY participate, learn and grow. Of course, the insurance company wants him out of there today, so we're not sure how long we will be able to stay at RIC. We're excited for him to get home, but he's missed so much therapy from not feeling well all these months.

Another item of prayer!


Sweetness said...

Hey, Dan - we've been in southern Indiana on vacation visiting my parents, so I have been away from the blogs for a week and a half. I just wanted to say hello and let you know we are still praying. SGA is planning to come up for training Aug. 9-12, so we want to swing by and say hello.....I will be in touch.

Chafe said...

you look good in that wedding pic with the grandmas. I'm happy to see the soul patch is still sprouting.

Ham Vivas said...

W continue to pray for you here in Puebla.
In fact let me share with you that I jsut came back from a music camp in Valsequillo, and in one of the nights where we sang and shared we prayed for you Dan!!!
We know that God hears each one of our prayers and we know that he heard the voice of those 150 ppl that night!!!

May God continue to bless you and your family!!

In Christ,

Mamá to the best 2 said...

praying, praying, praying! btw, can we see you in a week :)!!!!?!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan and Family,
We continue to lift you up to the Lord. May you gain new strength this week. May these next two months of rehab bring you to reach new goals. The Basile Family

Anonymous said... was a privilege to see you and talk a bit this weekend. sorry i just kinda showed-up. your attitude is amazing...i am glad to hear you had a good meal...keep that up, man!

elj377 said...

I was checking out the pics and you and Mike are just looking too good! Praying for a huge appetite, good food, and just over all healthiness!