Friday, June 8, 2007

Northwestern Visit

Dan is off to Northwestern Memorial Hospital today for another bone test -- this time a bone biopsy to see if there is any bacteria/infection at all in the bone. If no, then soon after the wedding, Dan will have plastic surgery to take care of his pressure sore. It is just too big and deep to heal on its own. This surgery means a 2-week stay in the hospital, then slowly learning to sit upright again. If there is infection, then there will be 6 weeks of intensive antibiotics, then the plastic surgery. We hope this plastic surgery will be a great solution to this never-ending problem! Dan is OK with going through all this -- he has an AMAZING countenance!


Jane-Jane said...

Dan, I'm praying my heart out for that open sore! Surgery is never fun, but much needed for healing this issue. I'm also praying for all of the medical staff that is taking care of you. What a servant's heart medical workers have (or at least should have!) May God bless you with many opportunities to witness to these folks that you would have never met before your trip to Mexico.
Have a great weekend!

amy vanover said...

dan & fam -
Praise the Lord you have your collar off! What an accomplishment! I'll be praying for the open sore - and for the surgery to come.

Set Free,

Anonymous said...

Just a little hello from Jen's new sis. Watching you grin at some of the "Jen" memories shared at the rehearsal dinner, seeing you be a part of the wedding(how blowing actually makes a wheelchair move is beyond me!), and dancing with Jen at the! So glad you were there! Your perseverance and thoughtful spirit were an inspiration to me. Thanks. Praying for you. Jodi