Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Dan came through surgery just fine. We haven't talked to the doctor about the details yet, but Dan looks and feels great--just a bit tired. He was actually in recovery for possibly a Guinness book record-breaking time (OK, that's an exaggeration -- they were simply waiting for his room to be ready.)

His bed for 2 weeks is an extremely heavy "bathtub-looking" thing filled with very fine sand. This bed is used so there is no pressure on any one area of Dan's body, especially the wound area. He won't have to be turned every hour or two with this bed.

Tomorrow is a big day for Mike and Dan -- their 21st birthday!! Once again we won't be having the usual Knudsen-like celebration. Dan's in the hospital, Mike is leaving for his next sports camp, and Bill is driving with Jeff and Jen to their new home in the Baltimore area to deliver their wedding gifts and a few (ha ha) items Jen has collected over the years. God gave our family an awesome family celebration with Jen's wedding, so we're all filled to the brim already!!

Thank you for praying for Dan yesterday. I don't think any of us had an anxious moment! For any correspondence to Dan, his room number is 1212 at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear the surgery went well and that you are in good spirits! We'll still be praying for you that you will continue to have a speedy, uneventful recovery.

Love y'all, (Bill, Jen and Jeff have a safe trip!)


Anonymous said...

Dan, I'm so glad your surgery went well. Here's to a guiness-book record for the speediest recovery ever. Happy birthday to you and Mike!! Hope you have a wonderful surprise!

God bless!
Jenn (Cedarville admirer :)

Jane-Jane said...

when Dan is done with the bed, can I sleep in it?!? I have arthritis and this sound soooo wonderful to be suspended in soft sand! Maybe we should buy a house on a golf course and I could sleep in the sand there!?!

Sooooo praising Jesus for His hand in the operation!