Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gifts From Above

A "THANK YOU" can be used and thrown out as a passing comment. I can say it as a reply to very big or just everyday things, "THANKS", almost with out thinking about the incident or person that was involved. We say "THANKS" many times on this blog, but it seem too impersonal.

We would rather look each of you in the eye, and with full facial expression, a hug and handshake, say "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ... " Sorry it cannot always happen that way right now.

You have told us that you are touched by this checkinondan blog. It's not intended to inspire, but just to let you know what God is doing in us and our son Dan's life. On the flip side, we are touched by your testimonies with your checkinondan journey. YOU dear friends are the daily blessing to us.

So, yes we are overwhelmed how you continue to care for our daily needs:
  • spending time and money getting up here, to sit and care for Dan.
  • taking a few hours clean or repair or plant things around our home.
  • when you make phone calls, look up resources, help us plan for the future.
  • give and give and give [non-stop] gift cards for food, gas, parking and travel.
  • slip envelopes with money around until they get to us. [you think we don't know who you are ... and we don't!] LOL
  • lending us your condo till ... Dan comes home
  • praying for us like there is no tomorrow.
We hesitate to mention money, because it is only one part of giving AND a gift given in secret is the same as given in public. Many have given sacrificially to help us these past 3 months, and ANY amount of money we have received is considered as a treasure from your hands.

We have to mention the Oaxaca Christian School, one of the 3 schools that were at the camp in Puebla, Mexico where Dan was injured. The upper classes usually go on a beach trip at the end of each school year. This year they canceled their trip, and gave all of their trip money for Dan. What a sweet sacrafice of love. My thoughts quickly retorted: We know we have expenses of living in 3 places at once, but we think we have a bit more than these missionary kids ... and those seniors will never have had their "senior class trip" ... and how can we ever repay them ...

Receiving gifts is a constant humbling experience for us Knudsen's. WE would rather be giving, helping, serving others. We know God's word says, "It more blessed to give than to receive", so we trust God will greatly blessed each of you seven times more. We also have also come to realize that we can NEVER repay any of you for your deeds done. As we said above,

"We are touched by your testimonies with your checkinondan journey. YOU dear friends are the daily blessing to us. "


Bill & Deb, Matt & Emily, Jen & Jeff, Mike, Dan, Addy & Gabri too!


Anonymous said...

I'snt this how the family of God is supposed to act? When there is a need, there is a provision. It is both encouraging and humbling. Reading how God is working daily in your family is so awesome. The wedding was amazing and it was so good to see all the Knudsens together. We love you.

Anonymous said...

It is our pleasure and honor...

beth said...

Oh, but you are the "givers"! You give us the opportunity to see God work as you make your needs known, and we pray specifically. You give of yourselves by being open, by sharing your blessings and struggles, showing the wonder of following God - even down a very difficult path. You are giving much. Blessings, love and prayers to the abundantly giving Knudsens!

Jane-Jane said...

God uses each of us as the giver. And each of us are receiving. I find this to be true with our ABRO ministry. Who really wins, the children that visit our home for 6 weeks, or the host families? God is always good!