Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Big Event

Dan had an important goal in front of him, and that was to be well enough to attend and enjoy his sister's wedding. That day has come! He will be traveling out for rehearsal on Friday and then for the wedding on Saturday. An RIC nurse will accompany him as well as a family member or friend.

For those of you who will see Dan this weekend, we would like to share some thoughts. Dan is still Dan and enjoys the same communication he had with you before his accident. Yes, his body is quiet different, but now that he's feeling somewhat better, the humor returning!! Jen and I (Mom) visited him today, and he had us laughing as usual.

We know that you are interested in how Dan is doing but Jen's wedding is not the time to ask for the details. (from Dan or us!!) As mentioned before, he really wants the day to be Jen's.

Dan may pause a second before responding to you to catch a breath. And if you didn't quite hear what he said, just ask him to repeat it!

But don't shy away from him -- we trust that you won't be uncomfortable around him -- he is a delight to be around!

We have said all along that the Lord gave us the wedding date of June 16, and however the day looks, that is God's plan. Dan's accident did not take God by surprise, and so we continue to trust Him on this very special day.

Thank you again for your gifts and prayers. The request this weekend is, of course, that Dan will not be overwhelmed or overtired. We can't wait to tell you how it goes!


Anonymous said...

It will be wonderful!!! We are thrilled with your progress Dan!!! It will be great to see you at Jen's wedding this weekend! God is so good and so faithful!!! We love you all!
The Stern Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan and family,

We are praying for a smooth transition. This weekend will make some awesome memories for the whole family. Can't wait to hear about it. blessings, The Basiles

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all on this very special day. Blessings! CU MOM

Jane-Jane said...

Praying for you Dan. Rest and return to the your bed when you need to. Your longterm health depends on you taking care of yourself, and knowing when to say goodbye at a great party.

Praying, Jane

Anonymous said...

it's awesome you reached this important goal of attending the wedding. i'm sure it was a great time. hope you have a good week...