Thursday, June 25, 2009


Happy Birthday to Dan. #23 for the record. Dan did blow out the 3 candles on his cake, which is difficult with low volume pacer air. We're not big cake eaters [ can you tell?]

Dan also celebrated by getting a new Hood Stoma Cap for his trach [see upper photo]. It is made of clear Silicone, does not have a neck tie [which always moves and irritates Dan], stays in with 2 "wings" that fit inside his trach, and is finally the correct size [try #3]. It is taking some getting used to, especially with suctioning and the cough assist, but it seems to be working out okay.
Big thanks to NURSE Talitha (CU'09) for assisting "Dr. Bill" (LOL) on this procedure.

Matt & Em & the grand kids came over to help celebrate. Addy & GG are getting to be quite the artists. They asked for their rides, around the house on Dan's chair, which he gladly gave.

We are well into preparations for a 5-day visit to OHIO for Liz to become an official Knudsen. Which reminds me, Happy Birthday Mike [get your own blog] who is just days away from getting hitched.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dan! I hope you have a great time at the wedding. Have a good summer y'all!

Love, the Ladwigs

beth malarkey said...

Dan, your new trach cap looks AWESOME!!!! Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 23rd Birthday!!!! and many more. Love Ya, The Boyers

Anonymous said...

ah....did u get anything besides the trach cap??lol