Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Dan

Hello again, it's Dan.

What a great semester! I need to thank so many people who helped me with everything these past few months. I could not have accomplished anything without them.

One year down, one more to go. I am taking two classes online over the summer-Business Law and History of World Civilizations II.
It seems like my family's big plans for the summer focus around my twin brother's wedding July 3rd in Cincinnati. I had a really neat opportunity to share my story with a group from my grandma's church this past Sunday.

Thank you to those from the class of 2009 who helped me this past year with my care.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, so good to see you writing. I am in Oak Harbor, Washington with the grandkids and uncle Steve. Will see you on July 3 at the wedding. Will be praying for your on-line classes. God bless you with continued strength and desire to finish your education. Love - gramma

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to your return to the 'ville for Fall :)
Mrs. Hartman

Anonymous said...

after one more year at CU do u then go on to law school?
i am praying for your classes too and for more opprutunities for you to share your story.
how is the AD?

Amanda said...

Great to hear from you, Dan! Thanks for keeping us posted! Enjoy your summer and the wedding!!

Liz said...

WOOOHOOO!!! July 3!!!!! Can't wait to see you for the wedding Dan! Only 11 more days until I become a Knudsen!!!!