Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grandpa Knudsen Home-going

Grandpa Knudsen went home to be with the Lord Tuesday afternoon. We would love your prayers for the family.

Funeral information can be seen here at Norris Funeral Home website.

  • Top - grandpa "helping out" feeding Dan on his regular lunch visits. [he was always good for a nap]
  • Left -Dan standing next to Grandpa K on our '06 vacation.
  • Right - Grandpa rescues a drowning squirrel from the pool at our Geneva house.


Anonymous said...

Bonnie was just telling us how precious the Knudsen grandparents are. She has fond memories. Praying for you all at this tough time.

Love, the Ladwigs

Constitution Revolution said...

"Always good for a nap :).......
JGK, defines grand-father.

JK x2 said...

Amen, Ethan! And these pictures don't capture one of the best things about him...his great smile! (one of my favorites at www.letsseetheworld.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you. Can I assume John knew the Lord and passed the torch for Christ down? what a legacy he leaves.
How are you doing, Dan? any AD episodes?
I saw a pretty girl in a w/c last night going to the tanning bad. i thought it was cool she isnt letting her lack of an ability be an inability!!! Know what i mean?
Praying for a fun summer for you!!!