Monday, July 6, 2009

Mike & Liz Wedding

MIKE & LIZ got married July 3rd, 2009

WOW! What a fun weekend!
Beautiful bride and groom, perfect outdoor wedding, reception with good food, great music & dancing [thanks DJ Raul] and chatting with family, friends, relatives on both sides.

Dan was the best man; groomsmen were OPE guys, Ploeg, Staab and Hueni.

Dan gave a funny AND tearful "best man's speech", as only Dan could do.

Flower twins, Addy & GG were too cute.

GG said that she was the ONLY girl that Dan danced with.


Anonymous said...

GG should consider herself a very lucky girl indeed. :-)

Glad the wedding went really well. Congrats to Mike and Liz!

Bonnie <><

Constitution Revolution said...

Agreed, the speech by dan was just great. Great Pictures

Anonymous said...

the girls are sooooo cute. glad your sumer is going well!
some cool things are going on in alex's life. have to catch up