Friday, May 30, 2008

KKI Week 2

Dan has completed his 2nd week of intensive exercises and therapies at Kennedy Krieger Institute [KKI] in Baltimore, MD.

Sunday Mike flew in town to stay with Dan during this week #2. Jen and Jeff joined us, as we went down to the Baltimore Harbor, which has old ships, shopping and ESPN Zone. We played arcade games, while Dan got a good laugh at the old people trying to race cars. Jen wrote a few notes about it on her blog. Eating out with a wheelchair bound person takes some effort at times, like convincing the hostess that a narrow table down a crowded aisle, was not good for Dan as he could not see any of the TV screens. It's just something that we're getting used to when going out. "Prepare the way first"

After lunch, which included watching the Cubs game and the Indy 500, we did some shopping, and Dan
picked up some clothes for his extended stay.

Extended stay you said? Yes, we were a bit surprised to
have Dan's stay increased from 4 weeks to 8 weeks, which we learned at the first week's "steering committee" meeting. They include the 10 departments that are involved in Dan's care and therapies at KKI. Everything in Dan's life is on the table for review and revising, i.e. internal issues, therapies, medications, exercising, daily care, respiratory, eating, sleeping, etc.

Dan's therapies increased this week with the tilt table, which increases his tolerance for being upright at a 90* angle. The heart rate and blood pressure go up with each increase of 10*, the PT's wait until all goes back down to normal, and increase the bed another 10*

Other medical notes for Dan's nurses and care givers back home. His trach has been reduced to a #4 Shiley. His pacer breaths per minute [bpm] is up to 15 for everyday use, and 18 for exercise. His toes about the same, his spasms under control, and his sleep a bit better this week, getting about 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. He had a 4 injection of Botox, [he felt the needles] to his left leg, to relax the muscles, thus helping the foot to stay flat instead of curving in.

The video below is Dan moving his arm with e-stim help, ever so slight, and it's tiring work on his part, but he is glad for the progress.

Dan also started 2 online classes this week. He says it's harder and different than before his accident. He needs the most help with turning pages. arrrrrgh to thick text books.

. Keep us all in your prayers, as the next 6 weeks hold, the closing on our home, modifications for Dan, moving, many trips back and forth to KKI, a wedding or 2 that Mike and Dan are involved in ...

That's all for now


Anonymous said...

I am assuming that extending Dans stay twice as long is like a real Praise the Lord thing, right? Were you surprised by it?
That is awesome!!!
What are the therapist doing for Dans ankles and what do they say about his wrist deviating?
Keep up the work AND fun!
Connie Lukacs

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!! WOW!! More will come.

jan said...

Excellent progress Dan!!!! What a HUGE answer to prayer to be able to be a part of such a wonderful program!!!! I pray for you everyday and I know the Lord is sustaining you. Persevere!!! You are doing it!
It was great to see you at Matthew's open house! Thanks for coming. It was a real treat for us to have you there! Isaiah 26:3-4 The steadfast in mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord, forever, for in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock. Blessings to you all! Have fun and Go! Go! Go!
Jan Stern

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting more and esp for the video. Tears of joy stung my eyes. God often does not work in our time frame[I really need to talk to Him about that] but He is in the process of working a miricle in your life, Dan. Mercy,look at how you are able to move your arm, ever so slowly and with assistance from E stimm but you did it!!!!!
Hey, I meant to tell you, Dan, the Steckel kid that went to Mexico with you was at my church a couple weeks ago. They used to go there and the kids still come every now and then. I think it is Jeremy but he has a younger brother, who I saw last night at an open house and we also know the rest of the family. Anyway, he has been praying for you!!
Keep of the hard work!!!
Connie Lukacs

Anonymous said...

So proud of you Dan. Keep it up. You are an inspiration. Your "wont' give-up attitude" is encouraging.

Piper said...

I don't comment very often, but I am a frequent reader (and pray-er). Just wanted to say how very happy I was to see this great update!

~Piper Patrick

Joshua said...


I still enjoy following you from South Africa. It's wonderful to see baby steps of progress. I can't imagine what it's like to do online classes...I suppose Phil. 4:13 takes on greater meaning in these times.
However, my Cards are not enjoying following the Cubs. And tell that Wammer guy to stop leaving Cubbie comments on here. He's in Cedarville for Pete's sake!
It would be a blast if one won the division and the other took the wild card. If they could both win and play each other for the World Series berth...Wow. I'd love to be home in Peoria for that one.

Shakes (Joshua Ausfahl)

Anonymous said...

it is great to hear these news...
Knowing that your porgram there has been extended, and knowing that the Lord is working on you...
and watching the videos is something that fills me with joy!!!
I love you bro!!!


Anonymous said...

Go Dan, go!

I love the picture of you at ESPN laughing at the "Old timers". You look great and it is great to look at you! Props to whoever took the picture - Jenny, perhaps? Good job girl! Dan, looks like you are really getting a workout. I was really excited to see you on the tilt table. Hope that is going well. I'm glad your stay got extended-more time for improvement-but I miss you. It really was good to see the pictures posted of you. You hang in there and I will look forward to seeing and hearing of your improvement. Oh ya, and on-line classes. Could you add on anymore? Tell your dad hi.

Love and prayers, Rhonda (Mrs. Brase) Phil. 4:19

Anonymous said...

yo, Dan...looking GREAT, man! good work at the rehab activities...keep it up! we are praying for you...Megan is always sure to remind us (she had her first t-ball game this week).

GO CUBBIES (that's for you, Shakes!)


Amanda Martin said...

Whoo! God is good- and the place you are at looks amazing! I am amazed at the present technology of our world. Keep chugging--keep working! you're doing great!