Tuesday, May 20, 2008

KKI traveling

We Are Here.
Dan and I drove [Dan is truly a "back chair driver", but that was good] about 13 hours on Sunday, only making stops for gas and food and one 15 min cat nap for me. [Dan's "cat nap" was a bit longer.] LOL. We ate in the car, [Dan's suggestion, it's tight, but it works] as it was raining and windy most of the way across the tops of IL, IN, OH, and into PN.

The winning CUBS game "GO CUBS" on WGN, could be heard all the way into OH, and then it was Seinfeld via a DVD player borrowed from nurse Trish. At 11:30 p.m., we finally crashed at a hotel in Hagarstown, MD, and both enjoyed a good night of sleep. After a very filling hotel breakfast, we completed the 1.5 hour drive to Baltimore and Kennedy Kreiger Institute [KKI].

We were met by a smiling Jody, our point person for getting Dan to KKI, and the nursing staff, who seemed genuinely excited to have Dan there at the center. He was examined, weighed, measured, and retold his spinal cord history a few time to his new doctor, and various therapists. I sense a sincere commitment from each new person we meet, for helping patients in any way possible, and to help "push the bar" to a higher level of living. Jody said KKI likes to be the "2nd rehap facility" in a persons life. Dan is ready for game.

He has a room mate, Eric, a new C5 teen, whom we had met on our March visit. Eric has a few weeks left as in patient, then goes to out patient status.

We got a full tour of the therapy room and equipment, saw a juggling event in the lobby, with most of the centers patients - spinal, neurological, CP and others. We were hungry and Eric's dad suggested Subway that was in John Hopkins Hospital food court, all accessible through a tunnel system that connects various buildings. Speech therapy dropped by and we discussed all of the techno things that Dan needs to access via the control device or "ECU" unit on his chair, ie automatic doors, fans, lights, TV, etc. She did get his room TV set up with a sip n puff control, and is looking forward to helping him when he starts 2 online college courses next week.

Jen and Jeff, who live in the Baltimore burbs, showed up in the evening. Dan enjoyed catching up on family stuff, watched the CUBS "GO CUBS" on ESPN, while Jen gave him a really good manicure. I got in some gym time and also got Jeff's bike to keep up with "my game" while here.

See Dan's KKI address is posted on the side bar, but email greetings are just fine by us. As soon as I get issued a wireless, super secret user id and password, I will post on daily activities.

Thanks for your continues prayers, and good thoughts, AND that you cared to checkinondan.


Anonymous said...

"Day by day and with each passing moment, strength I find to meet my trials here" Praise the Lord and may God's presence be with you each moment. Praying for you through it all. Love Gramma Dan, you are a real encouragement and Bill, you are amazing.

Anonymous said...

As I read your post, Bill, gratitude to Jesus filled my heart that Dan and you could be there. You would think Dan was a blood relative or long time friend of mine. I had anxiety well up in my stomach as I picture you both in that huge place and finding Subway!!!It must be a bit overwhelming.
Oh Father, we know you are with Dan anf Bill at KKI. Let them feel your physical and spiritual presence at all times. Bless Dan in a way the world cannot understand.
Connie Lukacs

Papá to the best 2 said...

Great to hear the update from the first day. I'm REALLY excited for the next couple of weeks and will be praying for strength and endurance each day.

Anonymous said...

We love you guys and we're praying for you. This is such an exciting time! We are praying for each doctor, nurse, therapist, and anybody else with whom you come into contact--praying for wisdom and creative thinking for all of them and endurance and joy for you. So glad you made it to KKI.
Barry, Mary Alice, and Benji

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
WE are thrilled that you are now at KKI..May God continue to work in and thru you! Exciting times are ahead of you...Step by step He will lead you...In His Grip, Sandy for the Basiles in Puebla

Anonymous said...

I was excited to see an update today! We are anxious to hear how God works through this "2nd Rehab" facility! Woo hoo for starting some online classes soon!
Sherin Austin - Portage, MI

Anonymous said...

glad you made it...
praying things go well.

Anonymous said...

Dan, this is grampa. Hi there, glad you made it. Know the Lord will meet your every need while you are there. sounds like you are already in good hands with the nurses. We are praying for you that all will go well. Cubbies are doing great. Love Grampa

Anonymous said...

This is more exciting than the Olympics!! Please keep us posted.

A (somewhat odd) mom in Cedarville :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan!
Praise God for the opportunity to benefit from all that KKI has to offer. He's a great God who continues to lay you on my heart for prayer. We'll be neighbors for a while. I just know that He is going to do great things for you, to you, in you and through you and I'm excited to hear all about it!

~ Lisa from Virginia