Monday, May 12, 2008

Baltimore or bust

Woo Hoo ROAD TRIP!!!

Dan and Bill are headed to Baltimore this Sunday.
(14 hours in a van ;~)

Approval just came in from the insurance company for Dan to be at
Kennedy Krieger Institute
& International Center for Spinal Cord Injury

Approval is only for 1 week, but that is the normal routine, i.e. one week approval at a time, "convince us that another is needed". This was good news . . . no this is GREAT news, as dead lines were approaching to purchase cheap tickets for travel back and forth to Baltimore, over the next 4 weeks by Deb, Mike and Bill.

Since our visit to KKI in late March, there has been a flurry of activity
to make this happen. Lots of paper work and forms, medical tests, doctor approval to travel, phone calls to KKI, [Jody, the KKI manager] the insurance people, Dan's doctors, etc. Thanks to our nurses Trish & Kathy for helping with all this too. Enjoy the 4 week break, but know you will be missed.

The minimum Rehab / Therapy stay KKI requires is at least 2 weeks. [see Rummerfield, KKI, and Dan's future] Dan has daily "range of motion with his hands, arms, legs& feet, but is lacking in regular physical daily "hard core" therapy [see KKI video], thus the first 2 weeks will be conditioning his body toward some new goals. He is looking forward to all of this. Patients are asked to stay on as long as improvement and progression are being made.

Continue to hold Dan up in prayer for:
  1. physical stamina [as Dan is on a DPS], and
  2. that he stays healthy,
  3. no infections.

Anyone, or any blog folks, or any CU family [Steve S.] are welcome to visit Dan during his stay. Just send an email to before you visit.

Thanks to all of you who have held this matter up in prayer. God Bless.

p.s. look whose photos made the CU parents email. Taken by CU photographers.
[Where are Jen & Jeff? oops]

Dr. Brown congratulates Mike.

Knudsen's in their usual grad photo place.


Anonymous said...

How exciting...We'll be spreading the news and we'll be checking on the blog for updates. Praying you to KKI and beyond!!
lots of love and prayers, charlene for the H's & E's and almost A's

elj377 said...

Yeah for Good News!

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! Work hard, Dan so they want to keep you as long as possible. This is so amazing. Prayers always!

Your big sister said...

Wow - Liz made the front page of photos too - bunch of good-lookin' people we got here! :-D
Can't wait to see you guys next week!!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo indeed!!!

Great news for Dan, siding for the house, adorable pics of the girls...all sorts of updates.

Please keep us posted.

A mom in Cedarville

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Our family in Portage, MI continues to pray for Dan and your family. It was great to meet you personally at graduation! I'll be watching for updates! ~Sherin Austin

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great trip tomorrow and that you will greatly encouraged by your time at KKI. Praying in North Hollywood