Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We could use ,,,

  1. A roll-a-way bed for the RIC. "WOW Our nurse found an unused one here at RIC, and it was just delivered. My back is happier already"
  2. A mini fridge for our room. We can wait for a few weeks for any college students who want to "store*" their dorm fridge here, with us at the RIC for the next few months. Reply to "WOW Received one with in 25 minutes of the post. THANKS!"

* Legal disclaimer. Free pick up and delivery subject to location of the bed or fridge. A mattress with the bed would be helpful. Anything would be better than the chair bed provided at the RIC. Condition of the fridge should be as good or better than when you loaned it to us. [especially considering the clean standards of college students] No left over foods need to accompany the fridge. Power supply should be adaptable to 110v, 120v , 130v etc.

"Thank you Heavenly Father, for your continued watch care over our family, even in the small things of life."


A Cedarville Mom said...

The Spring Semester Cedarville University "Chapel Highlights" film clips were posted online today. I'll post the link here, and hope you can get access to it. Some were funny; then they got serious. The last one brought Dan to mind. I hope they are a blessing to you. :)

Jane-Jane said...

Ask and you shall receive! God really does want to help us with the "little" things in life, we just have to ask!

Any test results from the bone scan? Is Dan feeling any better now?

Praying Jane