Monday, April 2, 2007

"nothing I didn't already know"

So many of you are bearing our burden with us, weeping when we weep and rejoicing when we rejoice. Thank you for helping with this new challenge in the life of the Knudsen family. Galatians 6:2

Our meeting went fine this morning --Dan said it best, "nothing I didn't already know", which means he's been thinking about his situation way more than what he's let on. Nothing was too shocking for us and some interesting information was shared. The most important thing for Dan right now is to tolerate getting upright in his wheel chair more often, with his pressure remaining stable, so there will be a gradual sitting up program.

Also, after an SCI (spinal cord injury), a patient's metabolic rate increases, so there is weight loss, like about 30#'s in Dan's case. We will work with RIC on getting the right calorie intake for Dan and him swallowing solids. As he gets stronger, focus can be on building muscle tissue and possibly being weened from the ventilator.

The therapists each gave their report on specifics of their area, and length of stay here at RIC was mentioned as 3 - 5 months.

His primary care doctor specializes in SCI patients getting back to school to finish their education. Dan will do whatever to accomplish this goal.

Is this what the Lord has planned for Dan and the Knudsen's? We are not brave, strong, or have been given any super human courage, and so, just like you, we continue to look to God for His wisdom and strength.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dan and fam,

Thank you for shooting straight with us. You are right, we have wept with you and have rejoiced with you as well. We will continue to lift you up in prayer.May you find rest in His Perfect peace and plan for your family. The Basile Family in Puebla

Anonymous said...

You all have been in my prayers all day. Thank you for your openness and your testimony. I love you all!

Anonymous said...

We will never stop praying for all of you. Thank you for being such a wonderful testimony for Jesus Christ. You have impacted my life in more ways then you will ever know.
Thanks Again
Prov. 3:5-6

Anonymous said...

I am sorry tears are flowing again. Because even though I know in my head God's way are best...sometimes my eyes don't understand that. I can never express how glad I am that two of my children got to know Dan at Cedarville. He has touch our lives in a forever way... Thank you

Mary said...

We are hurting along with you. Thank you for your testimony to our Lord. You are God's friend -- Pastor Stowell has been preaching on being God's friend. We miss seeing you all. You are in our prayers. We love you.
Jimmy Mack & Sue

Stan & Sue said...

Yes we weep with you and rejoice with you also. We will be praying for God's sustaining grace and peace for all of your family... and that you will sense His presence close to you every minute of your day.

We love you

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are friends of the Locker family. They served in Guatemala when we did. For several years now, they are missionaries in Mexico and sent us an urgent prayer request via e-mail when Dan was injured. Just want you to know that when Dan comes to mind I have prayed for him. I asked Amy what she knew about his progress and she referred me to your blog.

Recently at a women's retreat that I attended, entitled Joyful Hearts, the speaker shared that so often we look at our string of blessings as if they are Christmas tree lights, focusing on the one that is "out" rather than the ones that are "lit". She also reminded us that really God is our joy, not the blessing(s) He gives us.

Continue wrapping yourselves up in Him!
Jamie's Arkansas Friend
(Praying for Healing)

Anonymous said...


We are still praying for you and we love you and miss you like crazy. Stay focused on God and look to HIM for what He is going to lead you to do through this. No matter what, you will have a great story of God's grace and strength to share!

Love you man!

Anonymous said...

Words fail me, but praise God HE never does! Your testimony is an encouragement to me and to all who read your post.

Lamentations 3:21-24
"This I recall to my mind,Therefore I have hope.

The Lord's lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail.

They are new every morning: Great is Your faithfulness.

'The Lord is my portion,' says my soul, 'Therefore I have hope in Him.'

Anonymous said...

We are still praying for you in Portage, MI. I'd let to share a couple of quotes that have meant a lot to me and hopefully will encourage you too:
Never doubt in the darkness what you know in the light.

Hope is not about everything turning out okay; it is about being okay no matter how things turn out (Carol Kodishbutt)

We continue to hold you up before out Father. The Austin family

Anonymous said...

I have not stopped thinking of you since I first heard of Dan's accident through Emilee's blog. (My daughter just brought home our grandaughter from Guatemala!!) and we have been following Emilee's journey.
I wake up in the middle of the nights thinking of all of you and what you are going through and also in the mornings the first thing I do is pray. I just wanted to pass this along.
(I hope you have a chance to go to this article)
Your friend and prayer warrior and sister-in Christ,

Anonymous said...

A friend shared with me today the words of a song by Bebo Norman that i had never heard before. But as i went over the words i thought of you Dan, as i continue to pray for you here in VA.

Nothing Without You

Take these hands and lift them up
For I have not the strength to praise You near enough
For I have nothing, I have nothing without You

Take my voice and pour it out
Let it sing the songs of mercy I have found
For I have nothing, I have nothing without You

All my soul needs
Is all Your love to cover me
So all the world will see
That I have nothing without You

Take my body and build it up
May it be broken as an offering of love
For I have nothing, I have nothing without You

All my soul needs
Is all Your love to cover me
So all the world will see
But I love You

With all my heart
With all my soul
With all my mind
And all the strength I can find

All my soul needs
Is all Your love to cover me
So all the world will see
I have nothing

Take my time here on earth
And let it glorify all that You are worth
For I am nothing, I am nothing, I am nothing without You

A mom in Cedarville said...

Dear family,
I've been thinking of you today, knowing that you had news to hear that would likely be difficult. My heart aches for you all, for what Dan has lost. It's hard to hold tight to the knowledge that God works all things for good. Yet I thought of the people I know or know of who have kids who have rejected Christ, or who are away from the Lord, or running from the law, and it reminded me of how much Dan still has. His relationship with Christ; eternal life; an awesome family, from what I can tell. His mind. I'm still praying for Dan to be healed. Please, God. But I know that this could be God's way of calling Dan to a ministry he could never have otherwise had.

shumakerandrew said...

Our Dear Loved Ones,

We have just recently been informed of the news of Dan's accident. Dad and Mom told us of your blog. I had mixed emotions when I read the entries, but this one thing I do know....Dan has been specifically chosen by God for this time in his life to serve God's greater purpose. You have ALL been chosen. His grace is sufficient for THEE for HIS power is made perfect in your weakness. Remember, when you are weak...HE IS STRONG!!! The Lord promises in His Word that He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). For in the day when I cried out, You answered me, and made me BOLD with STRENGTH in my SOUL...Psalm 138:3. The Lord will PERFECT that which concerns YOU; The Lord's mercy endures forever, and HE WILL NOT forsake the works of HIS HANDS...Psalm 138:8. Dan is the Lord's Work, and He will not forsake that which belongs to Him. The other day the Lord gave me these verses, and I now I share them with you. "Neither do I concern myself with these great matters, nor with things too profound for me. Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with his mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me...Dear Knudsen Family, HOPE in the LORD from this time forth and forever..." Psalm 131:1-3.
We cease not to pray for you that God will give you the strength to endure. In all things, may His name be praised.
We love you and thank God for you.
Andrew, Christy, Natty, Marie, and Soon to Be "Mercy Rose" Shumaker
ACTS 20:24

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know that I am praying for you! We miss you here at Cedarville and I hope to see you soon!
Ashley Buehler

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan & Family -
I heard about this blog through a friend (who goes to Cedarville) of my daughter. I wanted to let you know that already God has used you and your family in my life. I have been insired to start a 31 days of praise study, and with that, a no complaining about anything month. Your attitude and reliance on God caused me to stop and take a look at my own attitude. Keep relying on Him even when the road looks hard, and lean into our loving Saviour, really lean into Him, He longs to hold you. Thank you and your family for the wonderful Christ-like attitude. I continue to pray for you all, and I know that God will continue to use you in ways you could never imagine.

In His Grace -
Bev - Salem, Oregon

Jeremy Hudson said...

Mike, Bill, Deb, Jen, Jeff, Matt, Emily...

You guys already know that I have laughed and wept with you from the begining. So it is in this as well. I appriciate your faith and constant testimony of God's goodness and power.

"I know the plans I have for your, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you..."

I lean on that promise, as I am sure you guys are too.

I am very proud of you and the contant testimony that you have been to your medical providers, your visitors and the people that are waiting by the hour to hear updates from you. KEEP THAT UP!

I know that there are times of frustration, fear, uncertainty, and maybe even anger. That is natural and allowed. But remember we have not been give a spirit of any of they can not rule you if you don't let them. Believe that you are in my prayers constantly, praying often for you healing, but allways asking God to give you strength to endure from on moment to the next--always claiming victory and chosing to worship. So with that, remember, keep fighting.

Miss you man. Hope to see you again soon.

Jeremy Hudson

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dan and Family,
Our hearts are heavy as we have reviewed your latest couple of updates and we thank you for sharing your lives with us all as we all draw closer to our heavenly father. I am reminded immediately of a passage that gives me great comfort during difficult times and I hope that it will do the same for you and yours. "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18 Also take refuge in his promises and His living word! "The Lord is the One who goes ahead of you; he will be with you. Do not fear or be dismayed." Deut 31:8 My newest prayer for you will be on a different sort of note than I have been praying before. I will pray for the newest mission field in your life, the medical staff who are there to take care of your physical needs. I will pray for you to have people present in your life that can encourage you daily and for you to have those staffers around you who need to hear a word of testimony from the Lord. I am confident that God is and going to use your knowledge of Him and witness to draw the lost unto himself. Don't be surprized when you get a staffer who you might not care for because the Lord may have put them in your path for a reason, they need you :-) I can only say this from life's experiences of being a nurse and sometimes wondering why in the world does God seems to give me the unpleasant people to be around rather than making it "Hunk-kee-dory?" So if you get a "grumpy" nurse and etc, hang in there, shifts don't last forever :-) and remember that you are here for a purpose and He is going fulfill His plan through you. I hope that my attempt at a little medical, situational humor will be taken well knowing that laughter is good medicine.
Our prayers and love,
AGH's mom from CU

Anonymous said...

The Holy Spirit has been priking my heart over the past several weeks of reading your blog. How easy it is for all us out here to pray, quote bible verses, and songs. (Not that I think those things are wrong. They are great.) But we keep tell Dan all of the things he can do for God and how God is going to use him. But how are we allowing God to use us and what are we doing for God? Thanks, Dan for your example of serving God before your injury, during it and (I am sure) after it. God wants the same from all of us, to serve and depend on him minute by minute of each day. So go ahead Knuden family tell all of us, GET BUSY TRUSTING, AND SERVING GOD...

Amanda Martin said...

Praying right now. 9:25 pm.

Cheri said...

Dan and family,
I just want to let you know I continue to pray for you daily. I pray for continued nights of rest, and days full of faith in God and His works.
He is with you.
An 82nd airborne mom

Anonymous said...

A hymn that often comes to mind when I am going through some difficulty is "It is Well"

"When peace like a river attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll... Whatever the cost, Thou has taught me to say, Praise the Lord! It is well, with my soul!"

Continuing in prayer for your whole family!

Anonymous said...

Hey Knudsen Family,

I am still praying for you and I hope you find a sitter for Dan I would sit but im too young and I live WAY to far. God bless!

Grace Lohner

Gloria said...

Hi Dan! I am a friend of Justin Flatt.

Just wanted to let you all know i am praying for you....and that you're in my thots!! Sending you a great big :::HUG:::::