Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Relief Sitters Needed

Dear friends, So many of you have said, "How can we help?" At the time when there was so much news, and decisions flying toward us, you probably got a "Not sure" or "Not now, later" answer. Well now we know what kind of help we need.

We could use "relief sitters". We have had a family member here 24/7 since last Tuesday and a break is needed from time to time. So even to run down to the cafeteria or the kitchen/lounge can be a challenge. We are thinking about 30 minutes to 2 hours, any time of day or evening. We probably need help for the 3-5 month duration of Dan's stay at RIC . This would be for college age and up.

Dan is pretty helpless to call or signal for help. He likes to have an itch scratched, or a drink of something, or apply lip balm, or raise up the bed, or lower it, or flip on the small vacuum to suction saliva from his lips [he let's you know] or, ... you get the idea.

Medical concerns are minimal as his ventilator has alarms that go off if he doesn't breathe, the breathing tubes are plugged or kinked, the tubes come off the trach, [that's really un-nerving the few times it's happened]. So, medically he's protected, nurses and PCT's are just a buzzer away, and no lifting is involved either. Physically and mentally he just likes to have us around. He just needs our hands for a while.

For this reason, we have a new email address for direct communications with us.

  1. send us a note with your name in the subject line: relief sitter - [name]
  2. list your full name, and best contact phone number in the email body.
  3. list your day of the week and time of day for availability.
We'll send you the logistics of getting here, confirm your time and date, and what to bring, if anything. If you are not contacted within a week, please send a second email.

We can't possibly post every medical challenge that Dan has each day, but a sudden 103 fever only lasted a few hours this evening, and we are sure it because of the prayers of many who are constantly upholding Dan throughout the day.

Thanks you AGAIN for how each of you have reached out to us in various and special ways. Your love makes us cry [the happy kind of tears] :D


Anonymous said...

I'm still planning to come in this morning, if you get this message in time.

1 Peter 5:7 - my life verse

--Gayle Coakley

Anonymous said...

do you have any idea how long you will need relief sitters? Are you thinking a week, a month, or more?

Mamá to the best 2 said...

My heart hurts i want to be there soo badly. I am praying that God will bring me home so soon, so we can add "three" relief sitters for our sweet BIL and Uncle.

Amber said...

I wish I lived in Chicago! I'd be there already! Dan, my family and so many others are praying for you. Keep pressing on, Brother...God is shining through you!!!

Amber Metz

Anonymous said...

From your Relief Sitter's 2 and 3,
We enjoyed being with you so much today. We encourage anyone who is available to spend time with Dan, for it was a TRUE blessing for us. Keep up the great work Dan. We were throughly encouraged today by your determination and perservance even when you were tired. We both can not wait to be back up there again!For the future sitters: Dan likes his water ice cold, Red Gatorade(cold too), and cold rags to his face. :)
Always praying,
Jen and Michelle Morzak

Anonymous said...

I think I was Relief sitter 1 today(seeing the other blog post) :),

I would echo the sentiments of the Morzak's. I was truly blessed in many ways by my visit today with Dan, more than I can express in words. My hands are always so ice cold that I think they can substitute for that ice cold rag. Dan would probably agree. :)

Praying here too,
Gayle Coakley