Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fall Semester classes

I officially finished class for the semester this past Monday. I took persuasive theory and cultural anthropology. They were both excellent classes. Persuasive theory was one of the best classes I have taken at Cedarville. I think what I appreciated the most was my professor, Dr. Phipps. I learned practical ways to communicate and persuade by understanding various theories and being more perceptive of people's personality types. Cultural anthropology, the study of people in different cultures, was interesting because it focused on the sensitivity towards the uniqueness of various people groups and how to appreciate their differences. Unfortunately it bordered on moral relativity, so its immediate relevance fluctuated. I believe I did well and now that those two classes are completed I only have four classes left until I graduate this may!


Suzanne Evans said...

Way to go, Dan! It looks like you're right on target.
I enjoy your little bit...more often. Hope to see you soon.
Suzanne (aka Mrs. Evans)

Dan's Fam said...

135 more days till graduation! (but then who's counting.) Thanks to Prof Phipps, who thought Dan should "take over" his own blog. YES!!!

Keep the good stuff coming Dan, . . . We are very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Yea Dan! You are doing good. And, especially the "little bit". You are a great writer and I know God IS using you and WILL continue to use you to encourage others. Keep it up, Dan. I would love to hear some of what you learned in these classes. They sound great. Love G&G J

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan!

I teach Persuasion at my college; your textbook and professor ;) sound better than ours. Seriously, I'm looking for a new persuasion textbook for the class. Can you tell me the title/author of your textbook? Glad you enjoyed the class so much! (mladwig@sdcc.edu)

Love your frequent updates. Merry Christmas!

San Diego Ladwigs