Monday, December 28, 2009

Da Bulls & Christmas

Last Saturday I got to go to a Chicago Bulls game with some of my relatives. The Bulls are not anything to write home about, but the experience of this game made it special. My cousin Don got a suite for all of us to enjoy together. Thanks Don.

It was blizzard conditions, which made driving a long adventure, but the special parking, and getting into and around the stadium were very smooth. Yes, we were looking down onto the stadium floor, from the banners, but the game was good, and it was a good time with Matt, my brother, and my dad.

Christmas gatherings included visiting grandparents and family at my Uncle Mike's house. He build a ramp for me to get into his house. Then we had family at my house. It was great to see more aunts, uncles ,and cousins. Missing was my Grandpa Knudsen, who always read the Christmas story.

We had the traditional Knudsen Christmas kids play, but, since most of us are grown, it takes on different, sometimes humorous tone. I was the inn keeper. My nieces, Addy & GG, played Mary and Joseph. Savannah was not willing to play baby Jesus, and sort of did her own thing as an "extra" in ALL of the scenes. [think Maggie on the Simpson's]

I go back to school next week. Final semester. I'll post next week.

Happy New Year.

ps FYI, I passes all my classes with a 3.8 gpa.


Beth Malarkey said...

Congrats on your classes. Happy New Year!!!

Mamá to the best 3 said...

the simpsons maggie comment made me lol - kinda true :) and you rock passing w/ a 3.8 gpa!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan, we are so proud of you. What a great grade! Thanks for sharing and YES, your little bit - more often is great. Keep it up 'cause we all love to hear from you.

Anonymous said...
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