Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Early Christmas in the Dorm

If you look closely you can see some stockings hanging on the shelves, and a Christmas tree on top.

Earlier tonight was the OPE Christmas party. We all wore ridiculous Christmas sweaters and exchanged "white elephant gifts." Thankfully I ended up with about 2 pounds of Good & Plenty candy. They sure tasted good, (I'm only kidding, I didn't eat them all).

I would consider this a decent gift considering some people receive gifts such as Playdough, a cassette tape of Elvis, or a bottle of hair bleach with a can of pork and beans. It's always a good time with OPE. We hung out for a while, after the gift exchange, as the group slowly dispersed.

Oh, and there was also food to eat. This is a fact, that although common, should never be unappreciated.


Anonymous said...

Love your updates Dan.

Anonymous said...

Keep up eating the good food because it sounds delicious to me. Grampa

Mamá to the best 3 said...

haha! matt is drooling me besides me as we read about your wins!! :)

JK x2 said...

awww! I love the little stockings!!