Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dan's Home

Yay -- Dan is home for Easter break, and the CUBS have won 2 out of 3. :o)

ps. we can always use helping hands, getting in and out of bed, lunch, exercize, visiting, while Dan is home. Easter Blessings to you all.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hey holy macarel, the Cubs are on their way.

Anonymous said...

Go Cubbies!!!!!!!!
Thank you, dan, and fam, for posting info on AD. I have a pt who i view also has a friend that i see occasionally. long time c5 who is in and out of the hospital recently w/ high blood pressure. he is not familiar with this so i am going to print out and give info to him.
May your Easter be blessed

Anonymous said...

Praying for that needed nursing care at Cedarville. Praying that some qualified person will get the blessing of helping out.

One person can make such a difference in the life of a person with a disability! I think of Bill and Barry--two wonderful men who have given of themselves for their sons. (You too, Deb!)

I think of a friend of ours who will watch Benji next month for 3 days so we can get away. People who help are gifts from God. Praying for more of those for you.

Love, the Ladwigs, San Diego

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Dan!!!! I hope you have a great one and i'm glad you could be home for it :).