Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of school year '09

"Thought you might want these to post on the blog . . . This was OPE's last cookout of the year. Dan drove out in the grass and got to sit in the sun, it was great." ~ Garrett

Well technically, Dan's summer school is a part of the 09 season, but after his final Friday, Dan will have completed his 1st year of college at CU since his accident.

Provided that he passes his Constitutional Law exam today. It is a long written test, and Dan has worked hard to keep up with all of the written part of this class. He does not want any "favoritism, or easy grades" handed to him. We don't know how he has managed to get everything done, considering his constant health issues. [4 hospitalizations, a few ambulance rides, cold weather issues, etc, etc, etc.]

We are so proud you Dan :-)

Pray for him to have clarity of thought as he takes this final.

Autonomic Dsyreflexia [AD], which causes high blood pressure [above 170 for Dan], continues to bother him each night, and many nights he has had to leave his Nitro paste on him to keep his blood pressure down to the low hundreds. The cause?? who knows. His doctors seem to be out of answers, and think he might need to spend some time in the hospital for extensive testing.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, Dan!!! Another year finished (Lord willing)!!
Mrs. Hartman

Anonymous said...

So proud of you Dan. Beaming with pride. I shall share your 1 year success in Sunday School this week.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing this year Dan... This just makes me OH SO HAPPY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan!! I remember when you just got your chair. It was cool that you were moving around some. If we could've seen the future, you go back to college. It seems like it's not possible. . .but you have God :). I want to tell you that you are amazing, and so it God. I can't wait to meet you some day, heaven or earth. little camper,