Monday, March 30, 2009

Help at CU

Dan has been working like a mad man this semester. He is taking an online course in Macro Economic, and classroom course of Constitutional Law. This class is the start of what attorneys would do, act, say, present, in a court of law. Despite the hard work, new concepts, and the rigorous research, Dan loves it. He has always loved to use his power of persuasion on people. [Especially his parents]

We'd like to say all else is well, but it is not.
Dan still does not have medical care funding from IL [brick wall], OH [moving forward, oh so slowly] or the insurance company [he is not "home bound" status = need no assistance, period]

Of course when all seems well, his physical situation can turn on a dime. After a 48 hour bug last week, he is having Autonomic Dsyreflexia [high and low blood pressure] issues AGAIN this week. [see reference in side bar]. We are trying to track everything he eats and drinks, consulting with medical doctors, but have found very few answers. Some say "it's just his life". The worst part is him missing class. He puts forth so much effort and does not want any favors.

The AD spikes up at night, and someone [usually Garrett] is up in the dead of night, applying Nitro Paste to lower it, monitoring his BP until it gets back down to 100, removing the paste, trying to sleep. just to have it repeat itself again.

DAN NEEDS HELP . . . Nursing help.

If you, or if you know any nurses [RNA, CNA, PA, Nurse Caregivers] in the Cedarville, BeaverCreek, Xenia, Springfield area, Dan could use 1-2 hours of help in the evenings or weekend mornings, 1 day each or every other week, for these last 5 weeks of his college.

Please give and have them contact us at this email address:

Thanks and Love,
Bill & Debbie

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Anonymous said...

What is Marco economics????? i am impressed with his studies.
I am so sorry,Dan, you are having so many episodes of AD. I continue to pray for you and tell people about you for inspiration.
Long story I will make short, I know this man who has a colostomy due a bout of cancer. He does not have the sense of smell and often misses he needs to change his bag sooner then later. He does not work b/c of this. At least that is ONE of the excuses he uses. I told him about you and how someday you are going to work as an attorny!!! Even in a chair!
Am also praying for nursing help!