Saturday, April 26, 2008

A visit to the RIC

This past week Dan visited Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, to see Dr David Chen, the head of Spinal Cord Injuries at the RIC and Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
Our spinal cord doctor in the burbs thought that Dr. Chen might shed some light on a few of Dan's current medical issues.
  • spasms
  • spasm medications
  • new SCI therapies or studies
  • and a sore shoulder
We were encouraged to continue with most of his current medications, increasing one and decreasing another. It was suggested that the nurses and therapists use heat on his sore shoulder before doing the "range of motion" therapies.

There were no suggestions of new SCI therapies or studies which was a bit disappointing. We chalked it up to the methodology of rehabilitation institutions as we explained a few blogs ago.
[See Rummerfield, KKI, and Dan's future]

We then headed to the 5th floor to see the familiar faces of those who helped Dan those fragile first 5 months. Dr Sisung, a few nurses, therapists: Joe - respiratory, Jennifer- Occupational, Kate - Speech, and PCT's [daily care givers] : Linda, Glennie, & Kim.

Everyone thought Dan looked great, better color & weight, were encouraged about his getting ready for CU in the fall, and were VERY interested in his pacer. Thanks John Parsons, Head of Respiratory Therapy at RIC, for steering Dan and us toward the Diaphragm Pacer. Dan is only their 2nd SCI guy with a DPS. Laszlo Nagy was the first RIC guy / DPS recipient and 4th in the world, after Christopher Reeves.

The ride home brought on the subject of food and shopping, [not Michigan Avenue this time] but Woodfield Mall [still the world's largest retail shopping mall] and guess what store we found?

The CUBS Clubhouse Shop. Yes, we all found something for the 2008 winning season. Hats, a car decals, outfits, etc. Ahhh life is good.



Joshua said...

Just remember, Dan, O Cubs fan, my Cardinals are stalking you and they will pounce beginning this Friday...

Shakes (joshua ausfahl)
OPE '98
Richards Bay, South Africa

beth said...

You look marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!
Beth Malarkey

Anonymous said...

Dan, you do look good!
It has been years since I have been to Woodfield Mall. Next time I am back home I will have to take my girls up.
Protocol!!! Bah hum bug!!! Do not be discouraged by those who do not think outside of the box. We know a young man[16] here in the Columbus area who has stage 4 Burkitts Lymphoma. Childrens Hospital here refuses to do something that is not "protocol" He is fighting for his life and his parents have had to go as far as Texas to find Docs who venture out of the past!
Wow!! Sorry to hear about the shoulder pain, HOWEVER,how does one feel pain in area that is

Always in Him,
Connie Lukacs

Anonymous said...

sweet Cubbies hat, Dan!


Jane-Jane said...

Dan, it's great to see you upright and smiling! I remember a time not that long ago that if you were out for a doctor's appointment that you headed home, cause you were your shopping! Your strength must be up a good bit....YEAH!!!

still praying for you in SC!

Kernel said...

Dan you are looking good my friend! I am becoming a Cubbies fan, and they are rocking it this year so far. Hope to see you this weekend, if you come for Mikes graduation. Keep that smile for all to see.

For His glory,

Anonymous said...

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