Wednesday, April 16, 2008

100 Days

Happy News
Today marks Dan's 100th day of non-stop pacing!! Although it was slow to work up to being off the vent full time, now he never wants to be back on. When we had a slight concern about a pacer wire the other day, Dan just wanted it taken care of so he would not have to go to the vent. Going back and forth used to make him dizzy. And for Mom and Dad, well, we sort of hated the tubes.
Sad News
Dan is sick. We're hoping it's just a "bug" that's going around, but even that hits a SCI patient harder than the rest of us. He feels pretty much "out of it."


Anonymous said...

hey, Dan...hope you get over your cold soon. that first inning of the Cubs game should help you feel better (as long as they hang in there).

Anonymous said...

Hey! Congratualtions on 100 days! I'm sorry you had to get a bug. I pray for you almost every day. I heard of you through a friends's daughter who goes to Cedarville. I pray for your parents too! This is the first time I've left a comment even though I have been reading the blog for almost a year.

Jane-Jane said...

100 DAYS!!!! YEAH!!!!! God is good!

think you got your bug from those adorable little nieces of yours?!? I'll be praying for a speedy recovery! Keep us posted on how we need to be praying.

praying in SC!

Kati said...

Woo hoo, 100 days! Way to go Dan!

Anonymous said...

CUBS will be GREAT in '68 oops I mean '08-----Some of us are old enough to recycle CUBS slogans!

Aunt Retta

Anonymous said...

100 days, that's awesome, God is so good, aren't you glad he's for you and not against you? We'll keep praying for blessings beyond hope or reason. By the way, "what's a Chicago Cub?" Do you have lions and tigers in Chicago? We have Begal Tigers, lepards,and panthers here. Anyway I hope you get a chance to see a baby lion or tiger? Cubs are so cute!
Get well soon, we love you bro.

In Jesus name,
In N.E. India,
CB, Mimi and the kids

Anonymous said...

Is N.E India kidding about what is a Chicago Cub??? TEEHEE. The Loyaltity of a Cub Fan is immeasurable!! Gotta love those Cubbies.
Having a flu bug in a compromisid posititon is worse then for those up walking around. Dan, I am so praying without siezing for a speedy and quick recovery!!
Jesus, pelase place your hands on Dan. Heal him from this virus. He struggles enough oh Lord. Show mercy now and take away the illness so he can continue to discover all you have planned.
Connie in Ohio

Anonymous said...

A bug? Ick!

You drink liquids; we'll pray. Deal?

A mom in Cedarville.

Your big sister said...

Are you taking L-Lysine and Echinachia? How about charcoal? Make sure you drink TONS of water. Just let your body rest.
Do I sound like Mom yet? I know you can picture it! :-D
Hope you feel better soon; we'll be praying.