Sunday, April 20, 2008

Information from Jen's blog, as in Dan's sister, who lives near Baltimore. Dan had her attend this Working 2 Walk conference on his behalf. Read on. [Love the T-shirt Jen. LOL]

"Sunday was a rather out of the ordinary Sunday for me. I got the great opportunity to go to the Working 2 Walk seminar in Washington, DC. People from all over the county came to hear about the latest research and testing in finding a cure for Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI). Some of the most renowned doctors in this field were there giving sessions on their research. It was absolutely fascinating what they are doing with transplanting cells into the spinal cord and re-growing parts of neurons damaged by an injury. Although a potential cure is still many years off, it is a booming time for SCI research.

One of the biggest things I got out of this seminar was a reminder that I need to be proactive about researching - not only about SCI and current related research, but about all kinds of subjects. I was definitely not designed to be a scientist or doctor, but I find it all absolutely fascinating. It was a good kick in the pants for me to stop being lazy and to take advantage of endless resources out there!!

Talking about what our family has been through the last year is something I love to do. Not to gain pity or with any sort of pride at our status, but because one cannot tell our story without speaking of the faithfulness of God. (It's practically heresy or atheism to leave out how His hand guided every detail!) People at the conference kept talking about how effective your personal story can be in bringing about change. I love to hear people's stories and to relate with them where possible. This seminar was a great opportunity for that. I even had the opportunity to share God's truth with a woman who asked "So how do you deal with the fact that it happened when he was on a mission's trip? Deal with it with God I mean." I just shared that we believe God to be in control and still just as loving and gracious as ever. She was very wowed. I look forward to having more conversations with her of this nature.

It was a good day for me not only to be able to say over and over how God has had His hand in our whole story, but to make great connections with others affected by SCI. In addition, I gained incredible information about current research and potential treatments and expanded my understanding of SCI much further. I learned so much at this seminar and would love to share it with anyone else interested (I think Mom's already heard some of it about 3 times!)

I heard it said several times that Christopher Reeve gave a face to paralysis. It often takes a celebrity to do that. Well, I have a new desire to be a part of further encouraging awareness of paralysis, not only of the details, and yes, difficulty of a SCI, but what can come through the tragedy - the great life lessons and hope; not just in a cure, but in the Lord."


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen. Posted on your blog. Look foreward to hearing more.
Connie from Ohio

Bobby said...


Im praying for you as you try to make a return to Cedarville in the fall! Im so excited cause I finally learned how to leave comments on your blog! Miss ya man