Friday, May 20, 2011


I was kindly reminded that it is May now, so perhaps an update is in order.

The truth is I don't like updating this. I have an e-mail address if anyone wants to know what's going on with me, and most of the time I would post something only because I had been motivated by a specific something that would get me justifiably angered; once angry enough, I would write about what was on my heart in terms of what an accurate Biblical perspective would be. I have not in the past few months been justifiably angered by a specific something partially because it's in God's hands, and also because when I picture the type of man of God I want to become—the even-tempered, wise, reasonable man from the book of Proverbs and Paul's epistles—I do not want to be easily riled by circumstances.

With that said, it has been some days since I last posted, and I was just reading an article about Mr. Obama’s pretentious, willfully ignorant, anti-historically accurate, and impractical (my words, not the article) speech at the State Department about the Middle East; so it felt like posting.

I have studied solidly for the LSAT these past months. Time has flown-by now that I actually think about it. My days were relatively the same routine over and over. I would get out of bed, maybe exercise or do personal computer stuff, eat lunch, study the entire afternoon, eat dinner, and then after dinner either study more or personal entertainment. But, in two weeks I finally get to put my 20% nervousness 80% excitement to good use. My test is around 1 p.m. June 6, and I would very much appreciate if you prayed for me. Specifically pray that God would bring to my mind the information that I have been working to put in there for eight months and also that I would have a clear mind and focused energy.

I used to tell myself and tell others that I would take the LSAT and if I completely bomb I would take it as God closing the door on me pursuing a law career. Well, I'm glad I never truly believe that, because hundreds of dollars and optimism about my practice test scores have confirmed: this is for real. And since this is for real, I know there is the next stage to complete immediately after the test is done, and I want to jump right into it.

Well, I don't know when I will post next. There isn't any point to saying something right after June 6, because I won't know my test results until the end of June, and I'm not going to just advertise what my test result is, so maybe towards the beginning of July I'll say if I am happy with the way the test turned out.

One more reason I don't like to post is because I really don't like straight up talking about myself—I’m not President Obama… Hey-O!!!... No, but seriously God places all leaders in charge for a reason. Maybe the reason is to make us more patient or maybe to bring about the downfall of America. I don't know, it could be both.


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