Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hello again!

I feel great and think that whatever health bug I had seems to now be gone. The Romans and Galatians class I was telling you all about is as exciting as I was hoping it to be. I hope that I'm going to learn a lot, the class is going to be very beneficial. One example is when Paul mentioned that he would be all things to all men, he didn't say this meaning to be a compromise of his values in order to present the gospel in a way that would seem more attractive to certain types of people.

Some friends and I went to the Cedarville men's basketball game last night. The team Cedarville played was ranked #2 in the division. Cedarville won the game in the last few seconds. They won in dramatic fashion, it was heart pounding. I thought the other team would score and Cedarville would lose, but no such fate. Walsh packed up the sorry train and headed for no where.


JK x2 said...

Oh man, I love and hate those games at the same time! Sounds wonderful. Have you found anyone goofy enough to dress up with?

Anonymous said...

Dramatic winnings are the best!!!!! So glad you're enjoying your Romans and Galatians class. And SO glad you're feeling great! Happy that you can go strong in college.

Camper from Puebla,

Crystal said...

I really liked that class too!