Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank you

Thank you for such gracious comments and for continuing to check in on how we are doing. We are amazed by such kindness.

Dan is back at Cedarville! Lord willing, he graduates in May!

Please pray for Dan. He really does have so much pain. It doesn't seem quite right to be paralyzed, supposedly have little or no sensation, but have pain. We squeezed in several doctor appointments the last couple of weeks, hoping for answers, but found none. We continue to learn what is involved with a spinal cord injury.

You are dear friends whether we know you or not! Thank you for your encouragement.


Anonymous said...

Dan will continue to be in my prayers. I'm so excited for him that he is back at Cedarville (man I miss that place!).

Keep up the good work Dan, you rock!

Brittany Donald

Liz said...

So does that mean that your favorite brother and sister-in-law might be graced with your presence sometime in the near future?? We'd love to have you visit sometime Dan! I'm sure we'll be up to see you sometime. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Dan I am praying for you so much! You are still one of my favorite brothers on this earth man. You still living in McChesney again this year. That place is sweet for you :-) Anyway my hopes and prayers are that you get to graduate this year, 2010 and I can to see you do that along with Brad and Eric. If you graduate at any point many, you should be proud. Much love and wish I could see you more often!

For Gods glory,
Bobby (Kernel) Childs

Anonymous said...

Dan, today I stopped at Olive Garden to get a salad to take out and a lady came up to me and said, "I know you don't remember me, but you used to always wait on me at Plano WalMart. We moved to Oswego and so don't go to Plano much. I said oh good to see you again. Then, she said, How is your grandson, did he make out in school? I said yes, he went back last year and now he just left for this year. And, he will graduate in May. She said, I am so glad, I have been praying for him off and on. So, Dan, it is amazing how many lives you are touching because of your dedication to God's Will for your life. and your attitude. I am so proud of him. Keep it up and Keep Your Eyes On Jesus. Love you Gramma (proudest gramma in the world)