Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cedarville Student Volunteer Opportunities

[this page is designed to give the CU students detailed information to volunteer for a fellow student.]

for further info and consideration, reply to: checkinondan@gmail.com

There are many opportunities to serve at Cedarville this school year. We can think of no better way to impact your life than to spend a few hours helping a fellow student.

Dan Knudsen, class of '08, sustained a high level neck injury on a MIS trip, Spring Break '07. His C2 injury resulted in the need for 24/7/365 care for his daily life. A friend from church, Garrett, took on the challenge to be a full time caregiver in the summer 2008, thus allowing Dan to come back to Cedarvillle. Now Garrett is able to continue his studies, thus leaving, Dan's ability to finish college at CU in question.

Seeing this need, a few of Dan's OPE buddies came up with a plan for him finish his education. Ben Roose, & Brad Colas all have full college schedules and studies, and yet they have signed on to help Dan roll across the platform in 2010.

There are many ways you can join these guys, because we all know that "Many Hands Make Light Work".

Academic help includes - walking with him to and from classes and chapel, transcribing papers, typing, tutoring, test aid, schedule management.

Physical help includes - lunch or dinner feeding, helping cook or prepare low sodium food, hanging in his room 1-2 hours a week, [to give others time off], laundry help, tracking and ordering of medical supplies.

Personal help includes - help with daily getting up and in bed routine, hair grooming, daily exercise & eStim of muscles, overnight stays [sorry no girls on this one]

For further information, talk to Dan or one of the 3 guys mentioned above, then send an email to checkinondan@gmail.com Include your name, phone #, area of interest, all in the subject line.

"Thank you, that you cared to Check In On Dan today."

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