Friday, January 9, 2009

Alex, "Youngest Person to Get 'Christopher Reeve' Breathing Device"

Dan was there.
I am so excited, I can hardly stand it. Bill just called from the van. He and Dan drove to Cleveland today to have Dr. Onders (pacer Dr.) help install a less evasive trach cap, and they met Alex M., the first child to have the pacer surgery. Bill said there were news crews galore because of Alex! Dr. Onders said Alex had good results and should be able to be weaned from his vent of 4 years. Yeah!! Bill will write more, but I had to tell someone.

Bill here, I will try to provide the newspaper links, as they become available, and if you see any, email us the links. Fox already has this posted. The local Cleveland newspapers, [available online] will have more detail than the national news sources.

It was cool to finally meet Alex and Beth [who comments on here often]. Alex was estatic to see Dan and peppered him with questions. Dan surprised him by turning off his pacer and doing his neck muscle breathing, to which Alex yelled "MOM, he turned off his pacer". We heard that Alex's diaphragm responded excellently after the hour plus procedure.

Beth and Kevin were blown away to see ALL of the major news networks and local papers there. Dan's name [we shamelessly plugged Cedarville U too] might show up in a few news sources.

I tried to install a new trach cap on Thursday, which had been recommended by Dr. Onders, and after the unsuccessful install [& a bit of blood], I called Cleveland for help, Mary Jo [Dr Onders assistant] said, "Come on up". Which we did. It ended up being a long day, three hours up there, six hours back. [thanks to a mid-west snow storm], BUT we were glad to be a part of history in the making. PACE! ALEX PACE!

Bill, Dan, Beth [Alex Mom], Alex, Kevin [Alex Dad]
Akron Beacon Journal
Cleveland Fox News photos


Alan & Beth McManus said...

saw this article about Alex just a minute before see your post:

Anonymous said...

How COOL to see God using Dan to encourage Alex and his family!!! It brings tears to my eyes. We have no concept of the myriad of other ways that God will continue to use Dan for His glory because of his accident. Amazing...

Sherin Austin Portage, MI

Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes and at the same time, joy. Dan, I'm glad you got to meet Alex and that Alex got to meet you. I pray for you everyday and Alex, if you view this post now, please know that you are added to our prayer list. God bless you both and may you keep on proving God's Grace is Sufficient" Love Gramma

Amanda said...


Anonymous said...

i just got in from ms retreat and checked this immediatly. praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!

beth malarkey said...

I just realized that my comment from the other day is not on your site. Ok, I will just write again. Dan, you were such an encouragement and inspiration to Alex. Not to mention that you truly undersatnd things that he is experiencing that nonr of us can.
Bill...finally! Deb, I hope sometime we connect. I am sure that we will all be together at some time. God sure put together a special little surprise for us all didn't he.
We all look great don't we:) We start pacing tomorrow! Alex may want to call for a bit of advice Dan. You are not charging attorney fees yet are you?