Friday, August 29, 2008

just when all was well . . .

Dan has been in classes a few days, putting many miles on his chair, and studying very hard. [see his study hard, looking photo >>>]
He also has been helping with getting help for things like laundry [McKinney girls only need apply], relief and over night help. He has had about 10 guys in so far to learn about his life, his DPS [pacer], spasm helps, etc. It will allow him to go to lunch and dinner with more people. This piece of his return to CU was flowing smoothly until Wednesday PM.

There is a thing called Autonomic Dsyreflexia [AD] that only SCI people have. We had never experienced it, know about it, but didn't really give it too much thought, until Dan was in the middle of an AD episode this past Wednesday evening. Needless to say, we ended up at the hospital, and after 4 hours he was back to almost normal. A CAT scan, and EEG showed him to be 100% a okay, with no seizure activity. [They thought it was Neurological related, as many smaller hospitals never deal or are familiar with AD] So we teach again ... along with the DPS.

This scare has caused us to aggressively "up" AD training and awareness to anyone who is around Dan. He was aware of what was going on BEFORE it started happening, Garrett and I, along with EMT's worked to get it under control. Thanks to the CU and Cedarville paramedics and EMT's for their quick response. It just so happens that there are 9 of them in Dan's dorm building, including 1 across the hall from us. God continues to protect and watch out for him.

Please know that we wanted to wait until Dan had an okay bill of health before posting. I know all of you understand. The CU family knew immediately, guys gathering for prayer as we were en route to the ER, and staffers who were notified and prayed. Thanks to Dean Brad Smith for hanging around the hospital until the wee hours of the morning [I forgot to sign your your chapel excuse], and others of you who called, or texted me, etc. The many notes on Dan's dorm room door, were extremely encouraging to Dan, Garrett and me.

I remember a comment awhile back from a blog reader who said she was up in the middle of the night and prayed for Dan. I thought at the time, "Hmmm, all is well right now!?!" in the early hours of Thurday morning, I was very thankful, for those unknown, random prayers, that go up for Dan. Thank You.

We NEVER do know what a day will bring.


Jane-Jane said...

I personally love sleepless nights when I find out that those that I was praying for were in need at that moment. God has all of us on this path of life together...praying before, during and after our time of need. Praise God that He is not surprised by any of our needs/actions.

always praying.

Anonymous said...

We certainly understand the delayed posting. Praise God for all the support Dan has. It blows me away how the Lord looks after all the details.
I am very impressed by the hearts of all the young college students stepping up to be Jesus and Dans hands and feet. Keep it up guys and know I pray for the student body of CU as well.
I can get the schools radio program sometimes and enjoyed the testimonies the other day. I missed the beginning so do not know if Dan spoke.
Continueing to go before the Lord daily for you, Dan.

Anonymous said...

An EMT across the hall? How cool is that! Praying that Dan will not be hindered from continuing at CU.

Love the "studying hard" photo.

M. Hartman
Local mom

Anonymous said...

I'm up in the middle of the night right now. Thanks for the reminder to pray. We love you guys.

Mary Alice from San Diego

Anonymous said...

Yet again you remind us how good God is to us. That we dropped our son off and drove away. We take so much for granted...with out a word of thanks to our Heavely Father. You right we always need to take advantage of those moments to pray and to reflect the difference one day makes. Dan, everyone connected to Cedarville is recieve a blessing from you and your family.
Praying in Northern Ohio

Mary Stockdale said...

It was good seeing you tonight, Dan! I will continue to be praying for you. :)