Monday, August 11, 2008

Go Cubs Go Dan

Hey Hey Holy Cow !!!

Dan finally made it to a Cubs game this year. Sunday evening to be exact. And what a game! Did he ever enjoy seeing the Chicago Cubs win, 6-2, against their rivals- the St. Louis Cardinals. [Take that, you Cardinal blog readers.] It was even televised on ESPN

We will try to put captions under the photos, but the blog site is messed up, and it's really difficult to post ANY photos. [Matt, we need your help] Also the "good camera" was not available, thus the photos are only cell phone quality.

Dan and I [Bill] had great seats in the handicap section behind home plate. The tickets had to be picked up game day at the ball park. We parked the van in handicap parking lot on CUBS property. Dan navigated his way, with excellence, through the crowds. We were instructed to look for the handicap signs, just inside the ball park. An usher took us down a long steep ramp, almost field level, then there was a chair lift to take us up to our seats. It seemed easy for Dan, and the ushers in the handicap area went out of
their way to help. The only negative was that when the crowd stood, which they did many times, Dan couldn't see the field. I tried to capture the game via the camera on his cell phone, but that didn't work the best either. Dan did not really seem to mind. He is great in crowds, and seems to pay no attention to the "gawkers".

Of course you CANNOT go to CUBS game without the proper clothing. Dan was wearing his CUBS t-shirt, CUBS long pants, CUBS boxer shorts, and CUBS hat, AND brought his hand made [Lyle kids] CUBS blanket. Bill just wore Dan's CUBS Zambrano jersey, a CUBS cap and brought the CUBS flag to wave. [the same flag that flew behind Bill's bike, on a 487 mile ride from Minn, MN to Elgin, IL]

Dan enjoyed all the foods of a baseball game: a hot dog, lots of peanuts, water, and fries with nacho cheese. It did turn cold about the 5th inning, so the OPE sweat "hoodie" came out of his back pack. How could you go ANYWHERE with out OPE?


We have not had much response for nursing help. A few nursing students have contacted us, but thats about it. It is not recommended, that we rely on student for Dan's care. Yes, many of them will be able to help with school work, note taking, laundry, cleaning, physical therapy, nursing care, and hanging out, etc, but most are full time students, and they too have very busy schedules, and Dan's care is 24/7. Please continue to pass the word about Dan's part-time nursing needs, especially in doctors offices, clinics and hospitals.

We know they are out there, AND that God will provide for us at the right time. Thanks from all of us.


Anonymous said...

Dan, so glad to read about your trip to Wrigley Field. That is great. You are so brave and just keep living in God's Will for your life. And, He blesses you with those little things that mean so much to us. We will be praying for the nursing needs and rest assured that God has the right ones available. Keep up the great attitude that Jesus has given you. You inspire us all to keep our attitudes in check. God bless you. Gramma

Papá to the best 2 said...

Go cubs :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to see the Cubbies!!!
I continue to pray for nursing care for you. Am also trying to think of different places you network to find aides.
Isnt there a community college around there with a 2 year nursing program? I had to work in nursing school and was an aid. Like I had written to you all, nurses should be aids first. Many of them are to get experience. Just a thought. Maybe you could post something at their school???

Anonymous said...

You should try out the handicapped section in the bleachers next time. They are conveniently located in right field right behind Kosuke Fukudome, and since they're elevated, you don't have to worry about people standing up or walking in front of you. Also, you don't have to go up that ghetto lift! Anyway, I'm glad you made it out to the game. Take care!
-John Mravik

Dan's Fam said...

LOL. funny stuff John. Glad you haven't lost your sense of humor. See you at the play offs games. Bill

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say "Cubs STINK!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Go Cardinals!

Anonymous said...

glad you got to see the Cubbies take the series from those Cards.

see you soon...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I know of a gal that is a graduate student of Cedarville that I sent a link to your site to and she lives in the Cedarville area and works at a hospital somewhere nearby. I thought if she couldn't that maybe she might know of someone.

Praying Partners,
the Roberts CU 88
Washington State

Jane-Jane said...

Dan, glad that you got out to a game...must have been great to see your team in person.

I'm going to post a link and plea for nursing care to my blog...hopefully it will help. Ya never know who is reading.

Still praying for your family!

Joshua said...

Well, the Cubbies got a lucky break or two that weekend. If Carpenter hadn't had the injury, it would have been quite different. Alas, it's just one battle in the midst of a season long war...