Friday, July 18, 2008

On the Road Again

But, we are not going directly home. We traveled to Cleveland Thursday afternoon, without much incident until we came upon a 5 mile backup, 2 hour delay just south of Pittsburg, PN. Arrrrg! While most people turned off their cars, got out and walked around, Dan needed to stay in the air conditioned van. We are getting good at doing most medical or physical procedures, or eating while in the van.

Thursday was Dan's release date from Kennedy Kreiger Institute. Having been there for 8 weeks, he, we, are ready to go home. [Another Post for another slow week]

Friday we saw Dan's pacer doctor, Ray Onders at Case University Hospital. This was a 10 month check up since the pacer was installed. Incidentally, the DPS has finally received approved by the FDA. A new study for those under 18 will probably be started very soon.

We celebrated 8 weeks at KKI, Garrett's very fast 2 weeks of initial training [he's really good] by going to one of those Brasil steak places. Since we had really not eaten since breakfast, it was delicious. We all stuffed ourselves.

Saturday Dan will be near Cleveland, attending the wedding of a very good CU [& OPE] friends Bobby '08 & Nikki '08. After the ceremony, Dan got to talk with many Cedarville & OPE graduates.

We are driving HOME now. :D

Thanks for your continued prayers, for God's watch care over our travels.


Jane-Jane said...

So happy to hear about the approval from the so many families will benefit from this new technology. Praise God for Dr. Onders!

Dan, the smiles on your face are encouraging. I didn't "know" you before March '07, but that smiles says volumes for how you are feeling and your spirit these days. Praise God for good health and a chipper attitude!

Always praying,

Anonymous said...

Am praying for safe travels and no more delays.
Enjoy the wedding!!
Yes, Praise God for FDA approval. It will be a amazing day when 10 year old Alex gets his pacer!!!!

Your big sister said...

Yay for spelling Brasil with an 's' - they would be so proud!
Dan, it was so much fun having you here - Mom and Dad kept thanking us for coming out and hanging out with you and we just couldn't really understand the thanks - we had a blast getting to see you after so many months of separation!!
And it still blows me away every meal how much you eat!! Now go get packin' for school!!

Anonymous said...

It does my heart good to see so many pictures of Dan smiling. :)

A Cedarville mom

Anonymous said...

Check out all those OPE studs. Glad you were able to make it Dan! Hope to see you sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Your effort in coming to Nikki and Bobby's wedding blessed us all. Thank you for your smile and thinking of others first. I know it would have been so much easier to just have gone home after the appointment at the Clinic. Can't wait to see you at Cedarville in just a few weeks.
Praying in Northern Ohio

pittmanh&h said...

Just this word of pray and praise that Dan and Garrett are together.
How we do pray for you each day.
We printed out a large color print of the two of you and we are now looking for the frame we can hang in the office at our house.
You know where that is Garrett.
I also print out a smaller one of the two of you that I can keep in my office at the Church,
Love to you both
Grandfather and Grandmother Pittman