Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meet Garrett, Dan's Personal Assistant

Boy, is this a big answer to prayer folks.

We've known for some time that Dan needs a full time personal assistant for him to attend college. Dan's injury level is such that he really can never be left alone, or too far out of earshot of us, a nurse, a friend, etc.

We have known Garrett's family for many years via church and AWANA. High school and college years distance many grade school friends, but last summer when we needed relief help at RIC, Garrett and his mom Sue [a nurse], drove an hour each way to help us out. Dan was not into many visitors during those days, but he did ask Garrett about his latest missions trip to India and the missions courses he was taking at a college out west.

Scroll ahead to this past January '08, when the HBC college group paid a visit to Dan. There was Garrett, who called us a few days later, expressing an interest in helping Dan get to some of the college studies and gatherings. We asked Dan, he said sure, and Garrett started dropping by a few hours each week, to learn things about Dan's care.

It was during one of these visits that Dan asked Garrett if he would be interested and pray about assisting him back to Cedarville U. in the fall. Garrett prayed about it, talked it over with his parents, and told Dan the good news on his next visit. Of course, we were ecstatic for Garrett and for Dan and his being one step closer to returning to college.

Garrett flew to Baltimore this past Saturday to be with Dan during Dan's last few weeks at KKI. Garrett will learn how to operate the e-stim device that is now a daily part of Dan's therapies. He will also learn everything he can about Dan's daily care.

At CU, Garrett will have a room of his own, in the same suite of rooms as Dan. He will be in charge of Dan's daily care schedule, and fill in for any gaps in the help schedule. He will be our eyes and ears as Dan transitions to being in charge of his own personal care.

We still plan on having nurses or CNA's [from the Cedarville area] come in and assist with Dan's daily care routine. Dan will also rely on fellow students for class helps and other school related care.

Please pray for Garrett, for his physical, mental and spiritual strength, especially these next few weeks, as he has much to take in about Dan's care. Pray that both of them continue to bond together, as they will be in close quarters 24/7.

Please give a big 'checkinondan' welcome to Garrett Boyer.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!

Will we still hear about how Dan is doing after he goes back to CU? Will Garrett keep checkinondan updated??

Kathy said...

Welcome Garrett. You are an answer to our prayers for Dan. Thank you for your willingness to come alongside Dan and be his PA while at Cedarville.

Anonymous said...

This is too amazing for words!!God is too amazing. I do not even know what to type..I keep deleting coz it sounds so goofy. I'm sitting here thinking and athiest needs to read this coz he/she could see the handiwork of HIM!!
Garrett, you are a modern day hero. We will pray for you everday as we do Dan.
Dan, YOU heard the voice of Jesus prompting you to ask Garrett! How fantastic.
Well with all that said I will also be praying for their friendship since they will be together so much AND at leas they are not girls coz you know girls couldnt make it a week like that. We are more difficult!!! teehee.
Connie Lukacs

Anonymous said...

God bless you Garrett as you step into this new assignment from the Lord. You will be on our prayer list each day also. Welcome!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Garrett!

Dan, we are so happy that God sent Garrett your way. We will pray for both of you as you make this huge transition. Do I need to remind you to have fun too? Nah, you are a college guy. You won't forget to do that! ;)

Barry, Mary Alice, and Benji

Anonymous said...

Happy to welcome you Garrett, nice to see your picture and put a face with your name as I've heard a lot a great things about you.

You'll definitely be in a lot of people's prayers and get to share in the smiles in getting to hang with Dan. I miss seeing him and having him put up with me ;)

One of Dan's many aunts, Mary Kay

Anonymous said...

Isn't our God amazing and wonderful!! We are happy to hear this news and continue to pray for Dan as he prepares for school and for Garrett as well.

Anonymous said...

Garrett and Dan,
This will be an incredible experience for you both! I am amazed at how the Lord always provides.

Anonymous said...

that is great news! looking forward to seeing both of you at CU in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

What a HUGE answer to prayer! I'm sure Garrett will be a wonderful addition to your family! It sure is great to see God answer such a need in Dan's life. Praise God!!

Sherin Austin - Portage, MI

Suzanne Evans said...

Wow, Garrett, this is wonderful! Dan's fam said "stay tuned for news about Dan's personal assistant," and I've been waiting, waiting ... finally we get to find out who it is we've been praying for! Praise God! You can be sure we will continue to pray for you in the joys and rigors of serving Dan, and, I know, of being encouraged, challenged and inspired by him in return. What an amazing journey the two of you are about to embark on. I believe God will use you in each other's lives in astounding ways. And you get to be a major character in a big chapter in his life story, which if Dan doesn't write himself, certainly Jen will! I want to sign up for one of the first autographed copies, with your signature included in the chapter on "Cedarville Senior Year: Overcoming -- with a God to whom no obstacle is unexpected and a friend to whom 'unexpected' became no obstacle." Thank you, Garret, for saying "Yes" to the Lord's call. Here's to a wonderful year.
Say hello to your family for me,
Mrs. Evans (Suzanne) [of Fox Valley Bible Church days]

Anonymous said...

Dan, I am so proud of you. You are so uplifting to us all. To keep going on for the Lord through all your difficulties is amazing. Your story is told over and over and people can only give the praise to God. And,now, Garret, you are loved and prayed for just like Dan. I agree with the lady of said "thank you for saying 'yes' to God's Will for you." Keep up good work, Dan. Gramma

Michael Boyer said...

Hey Dan whats up? Wish you all the best of luck. Im sure Garrett will take good care of you.
Rock on.

Anonymous said...

What a selfless act of servanthood. Garrett because you're assisting in helping your brother achieve his goals, your Father will honor you and call you great in Heaven. What a big answer to prayer. Wishing you and Dan God's very best this next year!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Garrett!

You know you can never out give God. I know that the Lord is going to give back to you so much more than what you could ever give to Dan. Keep your eyes and ears open to Him as you care for Dan. I believe the Lord will use this time to teach you so much about Himself. What an exciting adventure you and Dan will be in together! Keep your eyes on the Lord for His strength. Your strength comes from the Lord.

God bless you for your act of kindness and servanthood.

Will you be taking classes at Cedarville along with Dan or just caring for him?

Dan - Great job at KKI! You are really applying yourself. So glad to hear about how you were able to go beyond what was expected of you to do! Keep up the good work. We will be praying for you as you make the transition back to Cedarville U.

Anna Lohner - Iguala, Guerrero

Jane-Jane said...

YEAH!!!! Praise GOD!

Welcome Garrett! Know that as we pray for Dan's transition back to college, you are part of every prayer. God has truly blessed Dan through your dedication to advance The Kingdom, any way, any where. Everyone could learn from your dedication.

Dan, it's almost mid-July....back to school soon...YEAH!!!! Well yeah for you, cause I have NO desire to go back to school. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you these next 6 months. He has a plan for all of us, and watching your's unfold before us just rocks my world! God is good EVERY day.

always praying in SC!

Anonymous said...

God bless you Garrett!!!!!!

Debra Sirek

thensch said...

Wow, blast from the past!! Garrett, that's great to hear that you will be able to help Dan out...even better that it's an old friend. I hope/pray things go well with you both in this upcoming year!

Tobi (Ricketts) Henschel (FVBC)

Anonymous said...

YAY! This is such a huge step that only with the Lord as been possible. Praise Him for He is good!

-One of the Vejvoda clan (emma to be exact)

Sue Boyer said...

Garrett and Dan, Even though we wish it was under different circumstances, it's just awesome that after so many years being apart that God has called you and brought your friendship back together, and that both of you heard His call. We pray that your faith will remain steadfast,your friendship will grow and others will come to know the Lord through you both. Here's to the next chapter of your life!!! God Bless you both!
Love, Dad and Mom (Boyer)

P.S. Have fun too!!!!!!!!!!