Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter '08

Happy Easter from Dan and his family.

What a fun-filled weekend !!!
Packed church services, special choirs, and songs about the risen Christ.

Family and friends
[Knudsen x2, Schmanke x2, Szots]
gathered to enjoy too much food to feast on,
desserts that said "eat me",
adults catching up with each other, and, of course, March Madness.

It was the twins who stole the show [don't grandchildren always] experiencing many firsts in the USA:

coffee cake making and egg coloring at
Great Grandma K's,

the traditional Easter egg hunt,
with a 100 eggs
from Great Grandma J.

They can't help being the center of attention.

What a difference one year makes.

I trust your Easter was equally enjoyable.


Ham said...

Happy Easter Dan and family!!!

Remember our God lives!!!

God bless you!!!

Abraham Vivas

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's great to see you sitting up, Dan. Also great to see much progress on the house. We do keep praying for you here in Mexico and rejoice with you in each bit of progress.


Lois O.

Anonymous said...

I notice right away you are more upright and have put on a few pounds!! Look handsome.
I will be in Ottawa Illinois next week visiting my dad. I specialize in contracture management and braces/splints. IF you need any splints for Dans extremities to prevent contractures [hands, elbows, knee's feet] whatever let me know by Monday morning and I will bring some with me. One line I work with is good with high tone.
My email is
Serving Him,
Connie from Ohio

Jane-Jane said...

I had to click on that picture...that was taken today...Dan, your looking mighty good these days. LOVE the smile too! 75 days!!! YEAH GOD!

Happy Easter to all your family!

still praying and cheering you on from warm and sunny SC!

Michael said...


You are looking so GOOD!!! It is a blessing to see your smile and your faithfulness to God's plans. Thank you so much Knudsons for truly living Christ's life through incredible difficulties.

I love you, and may the Joy of Jesus be with each one of you!

Michael Crino

Papá to the best 2 said...

Wow, can't believe it was one year ago that we spent Easter in a small room at the RIC. Dan you felt pretty miserable with headaches, and we all gathered around a cell phone to call Emily in Guatemala so it would be a "family" Easter. That was an Easter to remember but for all the wrong reasons. What a joy this year was in contrast!

p.s. I like that watch you wore to church ;-)

A Mom in Cedarville said...

Hi Dan,

A tie! Check it out! Way cool. A mark of progress, I say. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, I remember coloring eggs at Grandma Knudsen's and the amazing Easter egg hunt at Grandma J's. Such fun times. :-) I'm glad this Easter was so much better than the last one for you all. Still praying in North Hollywood.
Bonnie <><