Sunday, March 16, 2008


is it time to stop blogging when you start copying someone else's blog just to update yours? Thanks for the analytical info from Dan's sister, Jen, [hmmm, thought she was a Theatre major at CU] and can be seen over at her blog.

Even though March 9 marked the 1 year point of Dan's accident, today marks the 1 year point of the checkinondan blog. My super smart Sr. Marketing Analyst brother, Matt, [CU '05] found out that we could track activity on the blog. Unfortunately this didn't actually start until March 18, but the numbers are still staggering. I thought I'd share.

From March 15 (or 18th), 2007 to today there have been:
139,313 visits by
19, 352 unique visitors (close to 14%)
Now what you have to keep in mind is that a "unique visitor" is judged by the actual computer, so in the case of a place like Cedarville, there are hundreds of computers people can get on to check it. Still, even with that number being high; that's a lot of people!

These visitors come from 66 countries/territories on 6 continents. Wow!
Over 130,000 of those hits come from the US ( 43 states + D.C.).
The countries represented are (in order of # of hits):

United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Honduras, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Romania, United Kingdom, El Salvador, Germany, Nicaragua, Australia, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Togo, Bermuda, Israel, Costa Rica, South Africa, France, India, China, Turkey, Czech Republic, Peru, Taiwan, Philippines, Russia, Uruguay, Ghana, Jordan, South Korea, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Italy, Cambodia, Switzerland, Portugal, Botswana, Argentina, New Zealand, Venezuela, Uganda, Greece, Panama, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Faroe Islands
[Danish!!! are these some of our lost relatives grandpa?] , Belgium, Estonia, Norway, Bolivia, Moldova, Northern Mariana Islands, Ireland, Kenya

We have been so astounded by the worldwide family the Lord has given to our immediate family during this year...and continuing! Mostly what these "hits" mean are that there are THOUSANDS people in these countries who are praying. That's what we call humbling.
Thank you from our whole family for all our love!

Dan had his Spinal cord doctors visit this last Thursday.
  • She noticed that he has gained weight, we have noticed his legs have some meat on them again.
  • His meds will stay the same, only adding melatonin, an OTC supplement to help with his sleep.
  • We would like to see updated x-rays on his original injury site - His Nurologist at NMH should probably do this.
  • It was decided that further helps for his spasms should be taken up with NMH , RIC head SPI doctor.


Anonymous said...

Wow. All those countries and states!!! Truley, God will tire of all of our nagging to heal Dan physically and in his spirit.
You all don't know me but I post occasionally to let you know the prayers continue.
Is that a pic of Dan with mom before the accident that was put up the other day? How humbling to see what SCI does to a person. It reminds me of why we need to not grow weary to find medical advances for SCI[ ethically without loss of life for the unborn]. It reinerates my desire to donate my body to science with empahsis on spinal cord research. Shoot, I am not going need it where I am going when I die.
The entire family is in my prayers.
Connie in Ohio

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how many people are praying!! Caris in Mexico

Anonymous said...

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER stop the blog! It is keeping us all praying and we love to hear from you = even the little addons from others. Please keep it going.

Anonymous said...

I agree with above writer. DO NOT STOP THE BLOG!!! I check on Dan all the time. It does lead us to pray. To some this will sound silly but not to most of us, I laid hands on my the picture of Dan in the hospital bed just a bit ago. I prayed for a healing, for his spasms to stop, no pain and discomfort and for JOY in the midst of all this!!!
Connie in Ohio[again]