Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thankful for Cedarville Family

We loved Cedarville University before Dan's accident, but since March 9, 2007, we have a deeper appreciation for this place. From Dan's friends to the administration and staff to parents of students we've never met, we continue to be blessed by those associated with CU. We still receive cards, gifts, even valentines from people we don't know, but who assure us of their prayer commitment -- usually signed "a praying mom from --" or "still praying in --". The staff have an attitude of wanting to accommodate us in every possible way. I was musing the other day of how many new and dear friends we have, yet we don't really even know them. Does that make sense?! I know that we will get to meet many at Mike's graduation in May, but we even get correspondence from friends who graduated from CU years ago. How awesome heaven will be!! Thank you to our CU family.


Anonymous said...

I have been with the Cedarville family for a long time and they never stop amazing me. Happy to hear about Mike and can't wait until I hear the date of Dan's return to Cedarville. All the guys in OPE look forward to that day also!!!
Still praying in Northern Ohio

Your big sister said...

Is Dan's pacing record still correct??

Anonymous said...

46 days solid!