Monday, February 11, 2008

The Parents Return :-)

Yes, we are back, and were shocked back into reality with Sunday's mid west weather.

Costa Rica was sunny, warm and sported 88* temps with cool Pacific Ocean breezes. Five hours later we walked out the door at O'Hare Airport to -3* take-your-breath-away deep freeze, and a wind chill of -25*.

Welcome back to the windy city of Chicago!!!

We would like to thank all of our family, friends, and nurses who kept Dan company with daily care, meals, feedings, therapies, visits, and even the Super Bowl Game, during the past 9 days, all in an orchestrated effort of love.

They included Addy & Gabri, Adam, Cheryl, Dave & Kim, G-pa & G-ma Johnson, G-pa & G-ma Knudsen, Gary & Jen, Jordan, Jacquie, Kelly, Kathy, Kirsten, Malisa, Mary Kay, Matt & Emily, Mylene, Nancy, Rhonda, Sue & Stan, Suzanne, Suzie, Terry, Trish, [who am i missing?]

Big thanks to nurses, Trish & Kathy, who put in extra hours and days to help out during our absence, and to Sue for quickly learning "Dan's care routine" and for wanting to stay overnight at our house to care for Dan.

Special thanks to Aunt Mary Kay who also covered all the schedule "gaps", stayed over night also, lent moral support to the nurses, and was the "keeper of the schedule", AND kept my business running and customers happy.

This was a great testing of Dan's daily schedule and the logistics for his return to CU in this fall.

Although we were countries away, experiencing new sights & sounds, tropical rain forests, the bluest of oceans and stunning sunsets, it was difficult not to think about Dan, his past 11 months, and all the many changes that are now part of his and our daily lives. Laughter & tears, ups & downs, progress & set backs,
"it is life and it's all good!!!"

Thanks to my business partners who paid for most of the trip, gave us special upgrades, listened and showed us their love.

We are grateful to God for his love on all of our families' lives,
while not fully understanding His plan,
but desiring to continue down this path He has laid out for us.


JK x2 said...

Yay!! Welcome back!! I talked to Dan Saturday and he said it was a really good week, so praise God for answers to our prayers!!

Mamá to the best 2 said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, and yes, I'm still jealous about the warm temps!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a joy for you two! A little time in paradise. I'm guessing Dan was not totally sad about a break from the routine either. As wonderful as you both are, a few days without mom and dad can't be all bad for a young man! Press on. We are excited about Dan planning to go to CU again. We're praying for you all.

Love, Barry, Mary Alice, and Benji

John said...

welcome back....i'm glad to hear you had a nice trip.

all the best...

Chelsie said...

Congrats Mike for being accepted into grad school!