Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well, what can we say about the festivities at a Cedarville U homecoming?
What a fun weekend Dan had at '07 CU at the Big Top Homecoming.
Too much going in one weekend, i.e. parades, play, sports games, concerts and many class reunions, to take all of it in . . . but here are Dan's highlights.

We got ready and had great intentions of leaving at 9 AM but, the folks who bought our house had their final walk through at 9:15 - delay #1. Then Bill had a few urgent business fires to put out - long delay #2, then we needed to check and recheck that we had all Dan's supplies such as ...

the emergency backpack, suction machine, ventilator [did not take the back up as he could pace in an emergency if needed, cough-a-lator, medical supplies, lots of gloves and suction kits, trach cleaning kits, sper-o-meter for measuring pacing breathing, and the pulse ox for measuring his oxygen level while pacing, and clothes... need clothes, its gonna be hot, forget the sweatshirts, 3 batteries and their chargers, snacks, juices, Gatorade, his meds. uhhh lets go.

It was lunch time, so we did the usual Mc D's, but now it's not too good for Dan to eat in a moving vehicle, so we stopped and ate our lunch - delay #3.

We made great time on the road AND without any medical stops
by Dan; he paced the entire trip, and slept some too. Deb was dropped off at the hotel, while Dan & Bill went to the OPE 15th year meeting that night. That was a great time with fellow OPE alums and students. We didn't get in until midnight.

We all slept in on Saturday morning, and didn't make the parade, :( but did get to meet up with Mike at Cracker Barrel
for brunch.

Dan was one of the attractions under
the OPE reunion tent.

It was encouraging for us to see him interact with class mates;
it almost seemed that he had never left campus.
[l-r] Kyle, Dan and Andrew

Mike, [Dan's twin], Bobby and Dan [again] enjoying the soccer game.

Yellow Jackets won. Good times!

2 very cute, and faithful prayer partners,
Kylie & Sara finally get to meet Dan.

Their parents, Jeff & Shelley, & Rachel
are with Deb
in background.

Justin & Bethany, classmates of Dan's

Dan B. '05 [classmate of Matt]
& Mike

the Hudson's,

[missionaries in Puebla, Mexico]
having their own mini family reunion.

We were all worn out, Dan had seen many people this trip, and thus we headed back home. So sorry if we missed you, but Dan is planning another trip to the 'ville soon.

Special thanks to
Pastor Rohm, Brian Nester, Jeff Beste, Dean Gibbs [thanks for the dorm tour], Paul McGrady, the many faculty and students, who stopped to talk and encourage Dan this past weekend. [ohh and to Dr. Bill Brown for the sweet Yellow Jackets t-shirt]

Thanks to all for the live "CHECKINONDAN" this weekend.




It was SO GREAT to have you on campus!!! Thanks for your willingness to be open and share Friday night with the brothers. We love you, Dan!!!

Mamá to the best 2 said...

sounds like a great time. btw, like the haircut and be sure to let us know your next planned trip -- possibly up for two more riding in the back with you???

Jane-Jane said...

Dan, I am so happy for you that you got to go....I had been praying since it was mentioned awhile back. And I LOVE that you got to leave the back up vent home since you could pace if the vent went cool is that! I can't wait till we get to praise Jesus for your return to classes! Get some rest this week.

Praying Jane

Gramma said...

Dan, my heart just rejoiced as I read about your wonderful weekend. You are such an inspiration to us all. And, to hear you will be going back soon. Way to go Dan! God bless you as you continue to get your degree. Love you much Dan. Gramma

Anonymous said...

glad you made the was good to see you for a minute. keep up the good work!