Friday, December 2, 2011

True repentance

I was going to leave this as a comment but it was too long.
Repentance is being reconciled to God and it is the starting point of a truly regenerated person. As I went back and found this summary of what Thomas said about repentance, I also picked up on some things I didn't notice my first time reading through the book. I will read the book again maybe soon, maybe not.
My quick explanation of true repentance is to emphasize the difference between just saying something and actually being something. A lot of people say they are Christians, but that doesn't mean they've been truly transformed by Jesus Christ. Another quote by Ian Thomas is, "If this repentance is real, it will result in a Spirit produced 'hunger and thirst' to be like Jesus." A true Christian will exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit. Ephesians 2:10 says, "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."
A super simplified way of thinking about it is this: a lot of people out there claim to be Batman. The truth is, however,  they don't own a bat-suit, they don't drive the Batmobile, and they don't fight crime. So guess what? They aren't Batman! 
This simple analogy does not take into account true Christians who are living in the flesh (I posted about that a few months ago). Only God can see someone's heart. I don't mean to make anyone doubt their salvation either, but I would much rather be guilty of that than to not have warned people from entering eternity, thinking their destination was secure, only for them to hear, "depart from me I never knew you."

A great place to find out about repentance is the Bible. Start in the gospel of John. Then go to 1 John. Then probably James. And then Romans. Not necessarily in that order, but maybe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
I check in on you every once in a while. :) This is Gayle Coakley (Rachel's mom from Cedarville days). I came to RIC a few times when you were there. Our son Joel took the LSAT and is applying to different law schools right now. Did you ever retake the LSAT yet? I have been wondering where you think you might want to do law school and if you would meet up with Joel possibly.

Dan said...

No way! I certainly remember you. I did retake the LSAT and I have been applying to schools. I have so far been accepted to John Marshall in Chicago, and my other applications I just recently turned so I have not yet heard back. I am just applying to schools in the Chicago area. What about Joel?

Dan said...

If you would just have Joel e-mail me I would love to connect with him.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you remember me! Joel took the LSAT October 1, and he just recently finished off applying to a bunch of different schools, including John Marshall, so he hasn't heard back yet at all. He mainly is applying to Chicago schools, but did apply to Notre Dame and U. of IL and a few others...Notre Dame being the harder one to get into. I think a lot may depend on scholarship money, but it is so expensive. He is finishing up at Wheaton College this year, so has been busy, and has finals this week too, so he will have a bit of breather room in the future now. I will give him your email. My nephew happens to go to John Marshall, so if you "do" end up there, I will let him know about you. My email is if I miss a post here to me or you want to contact me. My nephew's name is Greg. He is a first year law school student. And also, Joel has been volunteering at Administer Justice at Wheaton Bible Church. You probably know about that too. :)
--Gayle Coakley

Suzanne Evans said...

Hey Dan! Congratulations on your first law school admission. Yea!!!