Tuesday, May 25, 2010

quick thought

I am a huge fan of irony, so I will let you all hopefully enjoy this as much as I did.

"Many people wish to not believe in God, because they say He is unfair. Yet by saying, 'God is unfair,' is to acknowledge His existence. And to acknowledge God’s existence and then say He is unfair, is complete idiocy."

As far as updates go, my online classes started today. In introduction to philosophy, I began by looking at the classical Greek view of prime physical beauty and how it relates to contemporary US society. I did not start work on my ethics class because I do not have the book yet (that's right kids you don't need to have the book on the first day of class). Ethics from a secular college. I feel like that could use the drum sound effect, "BAH-DUM--CHA." Ohh I'm kidding, but seriously, good times...


Anonymous said...

My-o-my, you have an outstanding ability to reason. That logic is airtight!

Liz said...

Dan - sometimes when I read your entries I think that I'm reading something Mike wrote! You two have the same EXACT sense of humor...must be a twin thing. :)