Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday Feasts

This may be the easy way out to do the blog, but Jen recent visit just reminded me of a weekly food gathering in Dan's dorm that had not been blogged about yet. Read what she has to say about Friday Feasts [as I call them] They are a great time to eat good food, strengthen friendships, AND doubles as a healthy result for Dan. He has had lower over all BP since he started cutting back on sodium and eating "dorm" cooked meals.

A very big THANKS to Sarah S., who heads up Dan's food team. Thanks to Ben who connected Sarah and Dan. Also, thanks to Anthony M, the Lawlor RA who has made some excellent "momma mia" meals on Tuesday nights. All of these meals are to die for, but are by invitation only.

Pricilla and Sarah [in the back] prepare one of the first Friday Feast meals.

Jen's Blog


Anonymous said...

Hahaha this looks like an awesome time at the ville! Keep the updates coming, Nikki and I still faithfully read them every week.

Much OPE lovin Scratch!


Anonymous said...

What is new?
How is school going?